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5 reasons to have portable toilets along a marathon route

Any long-distance running event such as a marathon calls on every ounce of strength and fortitude a runner has. Here, we look at the role of portable toilet hire in long distance races and reasons every event organiser should consider it.

Portable toilets can help runners to achieve their personal bests

Committed runners are always looking to beat their own targets and achieve a new personal best. If this will be put at risk by needing to stop to go to the toilet, many runners will not be prepared to waste precious time by trying to find a portable toilet, resorting to the nearest kerbside or tree. Similarly, fighting the urge to go to the toilet will put runners under unnecessary pressure, preventing them from focusing on the task in hand. It is vital then that there are sufficient portable toilets, appropriately spaced along the route to enable runners to find a toilet quickly and easily, with no need to worry.  

Portable toilets safeguard runners’ health

Runners train extensively ahead of a race and understand how to pace themselves and keep hydrated throughout the race. Their meticulous training schedules include what and when to eat and drink prior to a race so that they can time going to the toilet before the start. However, the stress of the actual race day can take its toll, and anxiety can affect your bodily functions differently from when you are training, leading to toilet stops becoming necessary during the race. When there are no, or insufficient portable toilet units available, this can impact negatively and for any runner who tries to push through, ignoring the need ‘to go’, this can lead to an increased risk of urinary stress incontinence, kidney stones and even urinary tract infections.  

Portable toilets maintain levels of sanitation along the course

You’re running along a beautiful coastal path or perhaps through the streets of an historical city and you suddenly hear the call of nature. With no portable toilet units, what do you do? You can choose to resist the urge but risk the side effects outlined above, or you can go wherever you can – be that on a coastal path favoured by day trippers and holidaymakers, or in the clean, open streets of a bustling, cosmopolitan city. Experienced event organisers understand the need for sufficient facilities to maintain appropriate public sanitation and in remote locations where there is no permanent infrastructure, portable toilet hire is the ideal solution.

Portable toilets attract more interest in your event

When signing up to participate in a long-distance race, runners will check the kind of facilities available to them on the day of the race. The presence of quality portable toilets will attract more participants who will recognise event organisers that prioritise their physical well-being. Similarly, spectators and supporters will happily wait for hours at the finish line when there are facilities they can use. For family spectators with young children, or for disabled spectators, the accessible toilet with baby changer is perfect to meet their needs and will ensure your event is compliant with current regulations.

Portable toilets establish good relations with local businesses

Where a marathon route takes runners through commercial areas with shops and businesses, many premises with toilet facilities may end up with long queues where participants need the toilet and there aren’t any portable units available. Portable toilet hire by responsible event organisers builds and maintains positive community links which can only benefit organisers when planning future events.

Benefits of portable toilet hire from J B Event Facilities

As specialists in the provision of portable toilet hire, we offer a range of standard, economy solutions that are perfect for your next long-distance race. Our single event toilet is light and easily positioned and can be used in multiples for large scale events. With a hygienic, foot operated flush system, the unit comes fully stocked with hand sanitiser and toilet roll. Where many runners will go to the toilet before the start of a race, our 6-man urinal can be used alongside our single event toilets to allow male racers to pass through quickly, with no queueing, leaving cubicles for female runners.

For more information, contact our sales team on 01280 851200 or at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk