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A guide to hiring portable toilets for your company Christmas event

You’ve booked the venue, caterers and entertainment for the company Christmas event. But what about the portable toilet hire? Our guide will ensure you get everything right with plenty of time to spare!

A Christmas party is a great way for businesses to thank employees and clients for their loyalty over the previous year and often there will be generous amounts of food and drink on offer. This in turn could lead to an increased demand for the onsite facilities with guests having to queue or worse still, the facilities being unable to cope. Event toilet hire is a great solution and can be used to supplement existing facilities or to provide them where none are available, for example at marquee events.

How many portable toilets do I need?

This will vary from event to event but will be influenced by guest numbers, the catering being provided, whether there are permanent facilities and where they are situated. We recommend one portable toilet for every 50 guests and our article How many portable toilets do I need? has lots more advice.

Event toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

Our fleet of luxury toilet trailers comprises units of various sizes and layouts to suit every event and includes luxury accessible toilets and luxury urinals. Layouts and sizes can be found on individual unit description pages.

Luxury portable toilets

Our luxury portable toilets include the following units that are perfect for any size of event:

Luxury 1+1 toilet

Perfect for smaller events of up to 50 guests, the Luxury 1+1 toilet has two cubicles in a single trailer.

Luxury 2+1 toilet

Great for parties of up to 150 guests, the Luxury 2+1 toilet trailer has two ladies’ toilets at one end and one men’s toilet, plus two urinals at the other.

Luxury 3+1 toilet

Exceptionally popular for parties and events with up to 300 guests, the Luxury 3+1 toilet has three ladies’ toilets and one men’s toilet plus 3 urinals.

Luxury 4+2 toilet

For bigger parties (up to 450 guests), the Luxury 4+2 toilet is well-equipped with 4 ladies’ toilets, 4 men’s toilets and 4 urinals. A central door in the trailer can be left open to convert this unit into a single gender toilet.

Luxury 8 bay toilet unit

Easily converted into a ladies only unit, the Luxury 8 bay toilet unit has the same facilities as the luxury 4+2 (above), minus the urinals.

For event organisers who are working within budget constraints, we also offer a 4+2 Event Toilet Unit, ideal for larger parties and public events. Comprising four spacious ladies' cubicles, two men’s cubicles and four urinals, plus two sinks in both the ladies and gents as well, the unit runs off a 13 amp normal household socket for private parties or a 16 amp supply from a generator.

Portable toilet hire near me

If you are looking for portable toilet hire for events in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Worcestershire or Gloucestershire, we can help! With years of experience in supplying luxury portable toilets to the event industry, our friendly and professional sales team can be contacted by phone on 01280 851200 or email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk