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Everything you need to know about portable shower hire

In our latest guide to portable shower hire, we explain what portable showers are, what benefits they have, and when you should hire them!

What is a portable shower?

At JB Event Facilities, we supply portable showers for hire in modern units comprising individual, lockable showers that are the perfect solution for anywhere without permanent facilities.

The benefits of portable shower hire

  • For multi-day events, such as music festivals, the presence of portable shower facilities can be the difference between attendees booking for the whole event or not. For the event organiser, offering portable showers can lead to increased visitor numbers.
  • Competitive events offering portable showers will experience an increase in participants if those competing have the means to refresh themselves between competition stages.
  • Facilities managers can ensure compliance where the wellbeing of workers, for example in construction, is governed by HSE guidelines. In high risk environments where there is a risk from contaminants, workers can shower before travelling home, and will feel valued by their employer when offered this facility.
  • Wherever portable shower hire is available, users will benefit from a home-from-home experience thanks to the set 38° C temperature, changing room options and luxury interiors.
  • Portable shower hire is a cost-effective and flexible solution. Organisers can hire portable shower units on short- or long-term contracts which gives them the ability to move the units where the need exists, for example if job sites change.

Occasions to hire portable shower units

  • Portable showers for overnight events such as music festivals or sporting events.
  • Construction sites (see above).
  • Schools and colleges – when an establishment welcomes visitors for a sports tournament, portable showers ensure ratios of shower: students as laid out in the DfE guidance, are maintained.
  • Refurbishments/renovations – commercial premises such as public gyms or swimming pools and leisure centres will be able to remain open when having permanent facilities refurbished. During domestic renovations, too, a portable shower unit reduces the disruption to families and helps them to maintain their day to day routines.
  • TV and film location shoots – particularly useful in remote locations and ideal for raising morale on set while supporting the health and wellbeing of cast and crew.
  • Agriculture – a boon to farms employing increased seasonal workers who may work with sprays and insecticides

Luxury portable shower hire from JB Event Facilities

We offer portable shower block hire with choice of a 4-bay shower unit or a 6-bay shower unit. Additionally, we have a portable disabled shower that is DDA compliant, with an accessible ramp for wheelchair users and an extra-wide doorway and hand rails. All are available for long-term or short-term hires and, where required, can be hired alongside an IBC with pump. Our shower blocks feature individual, lockable cubicles that feature non-slip flooring with basin, mirror and seat. At the end of your hire period, or during a long-term hire, we will remove and dispose of all waste and can arrange a maintenance and cleaning service where necessary.

To find out more about our luxury portable shower hire, contact us by email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or give the team a call on 01280 851200.