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How many portable toilets do I need?

When considering portable toilet hire, our customers always ask the same question, ‘How many portable toilets do I need?’ Our guide will help you order the correct number for your specific needs.

How many toilets do I need on a construction site?

When hiring portable toilet units for construction sites, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive has guidelines for the number of units required per numbers of workforce. For every 7 workers employed for 40 hours per week, you need to provide one standard portable toilet which should have a basin large enough to allow a worker to wash up to their elbows.

Standard Toilet Hire Range from JB Event Facilities

Ideal for the construction industry, our Standard Toilet Range includes a Single Event Toilet and a 6 Man Urinal. The single event toilet has a fully flushing, recirculating tank operated by a hygienic foot pump and has the capacity to service up to 50 people over an 8-hour shift. Requiring no electricity or water supply, the unit is delivered fully stocked with eco-friendly toilet roll and hand sanitiser. For sites with a high proportion of male workers, the 6-man urinal will help to cut queues and can be used with the supplied hand sanitiser in conjunction with the toilet units.

Luxury toilet hire for events

Unlike portable toilet provision for the construction industry, there is no hard and fast guidance for the events industry. However there are certain considerations to take into account, including guest number and how long the event will last.

How many toilets do you need per guest?

Our luxury toilet range features a wide variety of luxury toilet trailers to cater for events of all sizes, with more, or larger, units being required depending on numbers. The Luxury 1+1 Toilet will serve smaller events of up to 100 people comfortably and features two cubicles – one for ladies and one for gents. For large-scale events our Luxury 4+2 Toilet Unit caters for up to 450 people and where expected numbers would require several larger trailers, we can supply a more cost effective 4+2 Event Toilet Unit.

Male: female guest ratio

For any event where there is a higher proportion of male attendees, a urinal unit will help to maintain the flow of traffic through the facilities, while reducing queues/queueing times. We offer two types of urinal – our 6 Man Urinal and our Luxury Urinal, which caters for up to 16 males at one time and features a section for children too. 

Portable toilet requirements for events with refreshments

 Where food and drink is served, it makes perfect sense that more toilet facilities will be necessary. The Government’s advice is a minimum of one toilet per 75 female guests and one per 400 male guests. However, to improve the experience of guests and attendees and to minimise queue times, we suggest more should be provided, with an extra 15-20% for events with alcohol.

How long is the event?

Numbers given on individual toilet unit descriptions refer to an 8-hour period. Where events last for longer, we offer service trips in order to restock consumables and check the unit is performing correctly. We can also provide an attendant service where the cleanliness of the units can be maintained throughout the duration of the event.

Luxury toilet hire requirements for public events

Guest numbers




Luxury 8 Bay Toilet Unit

8 cubicles of 4+4

Up to 450

4+2 Event Toilet Unit

4 ladies, 2 men’s + 4 urinals


Luxury 3+1 Toilet Unit

3 ladies, 1 men’s + 3 urinals

Up to 100

Luxury 1+1 Toilet Unit

1 ladies, 1 men’s


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