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How to make your public event accessible

When planning a public event, it is vital for organisers to consider how to make it fully accessible. Here, we tell you how accessible portable toilet hire can help.

Statistically, the chances of organising a public event with no disabled attendees, wheelchair users or families with young children attending, are slim. Scope noted in 2021 that 23% of adults of working age had a disability, with a total of 16 million disabled people in the population, split across all age groups. Event organisers who do not strive for accessibility in the face of these figures, do so at their own risk.

The law and disability

The law surrounding disability and accessibility is clear. All attendees have a right to accessible and adequate facilities and it is against the law to discriminate against a disabled person where the provision of facilities is concerned. To read more about the Acts that govern this legislation, see our Disabled toilet hire – a guide to the law and regulations.

How disabled portable toilet hire provides accessibility

  • Sporadically situated permanent toilets can be hard to access for wheelchair or pushchair users but portable toilets can be sited more conveniently, in easier to access locations.
  • Toilets that are spacious enough for wheelchairs are essential and should offer enough room for carers to be able to help too. Disabled toilet units feature wide access doorways with ramps and handrails.
  • Families are more likely to attend an event if they know their children’s needs can be met and they will be able to change babies and toddlers in private. Our luxury accessible toilet unit features an integral changing station.
  • When using a public toilet, wheelchair users should be able to reach the basins and see into vanity mirrors – disabled portable toilets offer reduced height amenities.

At JB Event Facilities, we have a wide range of accessible portable toilets available as follows:

Luxury accessible toilet unit

With extra-wide doors, our Luxury Accessible Toilet unit lowers flat to the floor reducing the ramp by 50%. There are handrails and reduced height basins and mirrors and an integral baby changing station for families. The unit is supplied fully stocked with luxurious and eco-friendly consumables and has its own integral water supply. It requires mains electricity but where there is none, we can help organise generator hire.

High dependency unit (HDU)

Fulfilling all the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995), our High Dependency Unit will accommodate users and their carers. It features an adjustable height bed, screen, hoist, and internal and external hand and grab rails. The basin is equipped with a sensor tap.

Luxury accessible toilet and shower

The Luxury Accessible Toilet and Shower combined unit features an accessible toilet and gas powered shower, plus baby changing facilities. Supplied with luxury soap and moisturiser plus eco-friendly paper consumables, the unit benefits from its own hot water system and holding waste tank.

To find out more about our accessible products and how they can help your next event be more accessible and inclusive, contact us by email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or call the team on 01280 851200.