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Is event toilet hire environmentally friendly?

Whatever the event you are organising, from corporate events to carnivals or festivals, it is vital, now more than ever, to consider the impact your event will have on the environment, and to look at ways to minimise your carbon footprint.

Luxury portable toilets use recycled water for flushing, which deteriorates in quality with repeated use. Chemicals are introduced into the system to reduce odours and many people worry about the environmental impact of this. However, unlike the chemicals of old which contained formaldehyde, today’s chemicals are made up of biocide, surfactants, fragrance and dye, which not only control odour but also make the disposal of waste much safer.  Today’s portable toilet units also boast the following eco-credentials that all event organisers should be aware of.

Portable toilets are water efficient

A plumbed-in, household toilet uses more water per flush than the average shower, using fresh water each time it is flushed. With traditional portable toilets, waste water is recycled, reducing the amount of water used. With vacuum toilet pods, which employ a vacuum system similar to aircraft toilets, even less water is used.

Portable toilet waste is disposed of responsibly

Proper disposal of human waste is essential to avoid the spread of disease and to prevent the waste from being harmful or detrimental to people, animals and the environment. Our highly experienced cleaning teams remove the waste from portable toilets into a holding tank, which we then remove to a treatment facility. JB Event Facilities are Environment Agency Registered Waste Carriers, authorised to collect waste and dispose of it ethically, giving you the peace of mind that no waste will be released into the environment.   

Portable toilets protect public health

Outdoor events are a breeding ground for dirt, disease and germs but the provision of portable toilets at your event enables hands to be cleaned, which especially important at events where food and drink are served. Our luxury portable toilet units all feature running hot and cold water and are supplied with eco-friendly consumables including handwash and paper towels. Our luxury urinal and our 6 man urinal both feature hand sanitising stations. 

As well as our range of modern luxury and standard portable toilet trailers and units, we also supply Vacuum Portable Toilet Pods.  Our most recent fleet addition offers an even more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional portable toilet and is available in a choice of an all-male pod, an all-female pod and a urinal pod. The vacuum system reduces the amount of water used by up to 90% and is completely chemical-free. More units can be transported at one time which reduces their carbon footprint by reducing journeys, emissions and fuel consumption. Our article Vacuum Portable Toilet Pods has lots more information.

JB Event Facilities are driven to reduce the environmental impact of our industry, so if you are looking for event toilet hire that is eco-friendly with positive eco credentials, call us on 01280 851200 and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, email for a free, no-obligation quote at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk