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Luxury portable toilet hire for major sporting events

Luxury portable toilet hire has a big part to play when organising any major sporting event. Here, we look at our top tips for making your event a success, with luxury-standard facilities that reflect the calibre of your event and its guests.

How many toilets do I need?

Having insufficient toilet facilities for expected visitor numbers can spell disaster for your event. The correct number will reduce pressure on the trailers you have and contribute to queue reduction, allowing spectators to return to the action more quickly. Factors to consider include spectator numbers, event duration, whether there are refreshments available and the male: female ratio. At JB Event Facilities, we follow advice from The Purple Book, a guidebook for the events industry that is published in conjunction with the HSE and we are here to discuss your individual requirements for your event.

Hygiene and sanitation

With large spectator numbers, it is important for visitors to have access to hand sanitising stations.  In our post pandemic world, where personal hand hygiene remains a protective safeguard, people need to be able to clean their hands without having to go to a bathroom. Strategically positioned around your venue, our stations will give access to all.

Environmental credentials

All our luxury portable toilet trailers are equipped with eco-friendly consumables and are water-efficient when compared to a plumbed-in toilet. At the end of the hire period, or earlier if needed, we remove the waste for ethical disposal. Our Luxury Vacuum Pod range is also water-efficient and is completely free from chemicals.

Cleaning up after your event

We’ve all been to events where we’ve been glad not to have to clear up at the end of it. Large spectator sporting events create a lot of mess and rubbish that your venue staff will be responsible for clearing, long after the crowds have left. Luxury portable toilet hire means your in-house cleaning teams do not have to be deployed to maintain the facilities; our staff will remove trailers and dispose of waste at the end of the hire and we can provide an attendant service during the event to maintain the standards within the trailers too.

Accessibility is essential

We can help to make your event inclusive and accessible for all. The Luxury Accessible Toilet Unit is spacious enough for wheelchair users to manoeuvre in comfort, and features a handrail plus reduced-height sink and mirror. The unit lowers flat to the floor, reducing the ramp by 50% for greater accessibility. Families with young children will also benefit from the integral baby-changing station. We also offer a High Dependency Unit (HDU) which is fully equipped for disabled spectators and their carers. This towable unit features a hoist with lift, plus a sensor activated hot water hand basin. The HDU is radar key scheme compatible and will ensure that your large-scale events are fully compliant with current legislation. 

Luxury portable toilet trailers

As supplier for the last 15 years, to the Silverstone Formula One Grand Prix event, which sees attendee numbers in excess of 390,000, we have the experience of large-scale sporting events as well as the range of units to meet your needs. The largest luxury unit on the market, the Luxury 4+2 Toilet is ideal for large sporting events, containing 4 ladies’ toilets plus 2 men’s toilets and 4 urinals. Installed and tested in situ by our experienced technicians, the unit is self-contained with an integral water supply and waste storage and will serve up to 450 people over 8 hours. A central door enables the unit to be converted into a males-only unit. Our Luxury Urinal can be used alongside other trailer units, for male-heavy events, and features sufficient troughs for up to 16 males with a section for children.

For mass participation events where large volumes of people have to be managed, or for budget-conscious organisers looking for long term hire, the Standard 4+2 Mains unit offers the same facilities as the Luxury 4+2, but does require electricity, water and a mains sewage point.

Our experienced sales staff are happy to discuss exact requirements with you and to advise on the best combination of units for your event. Call us on 01280 851200 or email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk