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Luxury portable toilet hire for summer carnivals

With the summer carnival and music festival season just around the corner here in the UK, we examine why luxury portable toilet hire is vital to the success of your event.

There are many challenges to organising a large-scale outdoor event like a street carnival or music festival, one of which is ensuring the crowds have enough toilet facilities available. So, to avoid incurring the wrath of a baying crowd as well as upsetting local residents, think about the number of facilities needed, the quality of the portable toilets and where you will locate them.

Why are the queues for portable toilets so long?

With many large summer events expecting in excess of 50,000 visitors, it is important to understand why and when queues form for the toilets.

Events with live performances will experience a surge for the facilities during the breaks in, or at the end of, the performances, which inevitably leads to long queues forming quickly. Human nature also means that, as most of us aren’t prepared to travel too far for a toilet, queues always appear at those toilets closest to the performance areas, with those further away being less busy or even empty. Having enough units, in the right places, is vital.

Where portable toilet trailer units become blocked or faulty, leading to them being inaccessible until serviced, queues will form at other locations, putting extra strain on the functioning units.

If event visitors can’t see the toilets, or don’t know where they are, they will simply queue at the nearest, and not bother looking for any others. Organisers should therefore ensure there are maps, guides and clear signposts.

How luxury toilet hire reduces queues

Luxury portable toilet units are completely transportable and can be located anywhere – they just need level ground and sufficient access for the delivery vehicle. This means that your event can have well positioned facilities in the areas that need them most. A popular unit for festivals is our 4+2 Event Toilet Unit. Perfect for high volumes of traffic, the unit features four ladies’ cubicles, two men’s cubicles plus four urinals and requires just a 13-amp electricity supply.

To ensure that you do not have a glut of males queueing for the toilets, particularly close to refreshment areas such as beer tents, our Luxury Urinal is a great queue buster. With troughs for up to 16 males, plus a children’s section, the unit has hand sanitiser dispensers, removing the need for a mains water supply.

Blocked toilets or their absence, will make or break your event and for events where organisers need a steady flow of traffic through the facilities, our portable vacuum toilet pods are ideal. Using aircraft toilet technology, the vacuum toilets do not use a conventional flush system, utilising vacuum suction instead. The vacuum removes the need for a macerator which greatly reduces the risks from blockages. Our vacuum toilet pods are available as all-male pods, all-female pods and urinal pods. An additional benefit of portable vacuum toilet hire is the speed at which they can be emptied. The reduced amount of time it takes to empty a tank removes down time for users, allowing the toilets to remain in constant service.

Why use JB Event Facilities for your event?

With over 20 years’ experience in the events industry, we understand what organisers need. Our highly experienced staff provide the ultimate service from supply, installation, waste disposal and collection, freeing our clients up to focus on other areas of their event. Our brand new, modern fleet comprises units ranging from single service to luxury multiples and our 24-hour emergency support service means you never have to worry about a thing. To discuss your requirements, call today on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk to see how we can help you.