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Luxury toilet hire for long distance cycling events

Organising a long distance cycling event is a logistical challenge for all involved, but hiring your portable toilets from JB Event Facilities will ensure that your participants’ and spectators’ welfare needs will be well taken care of.

With the majority of long distance cycling events covering hundreds of miles often over two or three days or more, it is important that participants and spectators have access to sufficient numbers of quality toilet facilities.

Why long distance cycling events should have luxury portable toilets

Long distance cycling events present a unique set of logistical challenges for organisers. Race routes can be both city based and rural, with road closures and limited access times in urban areas or an absence of any signs of civilization in particularly remote locations! Where there are permanent toilet facilities, for example in towns and cities, there are unlikely to be sufficient to accommodate the rise in numbers of users, and where there are no facilities, portable toilet hire is the perfect solution.

Luxury portable toilet trailers for cycling events

Our full range of luxury toilet trailers can be seen here but the following are just a few of our individual event toilets suitable for long distance cycling events.

4+2 Event Toilet Unit – this is the largest of our event toilet trailers and is ideal for large volumes of traffic. With 4 ladies’ toilets, 2 men’s and 4 urinals, this unit will serve up to 450 people over an 8 hour period. Where no mains connection is available, generator hire is available.

Luxury 2+1 Toilet Unit – this is a great solution for urban locations with access to a mains supply of electricity, and has the capacity to cater for up to 150 people. The unit includes 2 ladies’ toilets, 1 men’s, plus 2 urinals and works well in conjunction with existing, permanent facilities. 

Luxury 3+1 Toilet Unit – our most popular event toilet, the 3+1 contains 3 ladies’ toilets, 1 men’s and 3 urinals.

Luxury urinal – a luxury urinal unit is perfect for events where a higher proportion of male attendees is expected. It enables a constant flow of traffic to pass through, reducing queues at cubicle units and freeing them up for female users.

Luxury Accessible Toilet Unit – organisers have a legal obligation to ensure that events are accessible to all and this is the perfect unit to ensure all attendees can enjoy the race. Spacious enough for wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs, the unit features handrails, a lowered sink, and a fold-down baby changing station.

How JB Event Facilities manage the challenges of portable toilet hire for cycling events

Most long distance cycling events will need their portable toilet units to be serviced at points throughout the event, which can be challenging while the race is under way. At JB Event Facilities, we can accommodate this by arranging to service the toilets at a time to suit you, whether that is early in the day or later in the evening. Where units need to be emptied and cleaned during the course of the hire period, we offer a service plan where our technicians will empty and remove the waste, clean the units and replenish any consumables necessary. We are also able to offer this flexibility when arranging initial delivery of our units and collection.

Sporting event toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

With more than 20 years’ experience in the provision of portable toilets to the sporting events industry, over 15 of which have been as suppliers to the Silverstone Formula one event, we understand the challenges involved in high profile, large scale sporting events. If we can help you when organising your next long distance cycling race, get in touch with our experienced sales team on 01280 851200 or by email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk to discuss your requirements.