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Occasions to hire a luxury vacuum toilet pod

Our luxury vacuum toilet pods are the latest addition to our fleet of luxury toilet units and offer the latest technology, perfect for large-scale public events. Here, we look at the occasions when only a vacuum toilet pod will do.

Everyone knows what a standard portable toilet unit is and everyone has seen one, either on construction sites or at music festivals. Today, our fleet of standard portable toilets and luxury toilet trailers has been joined by the new kid on the block, the vacuum toilet pod.

What is a vacuum toilet pod?

A vacuum toilet pod is a portable toilet unit that does not feature a conventional flush system. Instead it uses the same technology found in aircraft toilets, whereby waste is removed via vacuum suction.

Features of luxury vacuum toilet pods from JB Events Facilities

At JB Event Facilities, our vacuum toilet pods are not single-use units but are available as all-male pods, all-female pods and urinal pods. Manufactured to the highest standard, with a high-end finish, the male and female units each feature ceramic hand basins with hot and cold running water, luxurious hand soap and moisturiser, good-sized mirrors and electric hand dryers. The male pod features 2 cubicles and 6 urinals in a single unit, while the female pod has 4 cubicles. The urinal pod has 12 urinals plus hand sanitiser. Each unit requires no more than a 16-amp 240V power supply to operate.

What events are luxury vacuum toilet pods suitable for?

As users are not reliant on a traditional flush cycle to complete, they are able to vacate the toilets quickly. This creates a steady flow of fast-moving traffic through the toilet units which is ideal for heavy footfall, large-scale, public events. The eco-credentials of a vacuum toilet pod speak for themselves; with water consumption up to 90% less than a traditional flushing toilet system and the transportation and delivery of the units reducing fleet emissions and fuel consumption, the pods are ideal for any event where environmental issues are key, for example public platforms for climate change.

Vacuum toilet pods for large sporting fixtures

We have supplied luxury portable toilet facilities to the Silverstone F1 event, as well as horse racing meetings and rugby matches, at which visitor numbers can exceed 300,000.

Vacuum toilet pods for music festivals

In 2015, over 25 million people attended live music events in the UK, and festivals are the ideal venue for vacuum toilet pods. Queue busting, environmentally friendly and requiring nothing more than a 240V power supply (which can be supplied where required), our pods are the perfect addition to your next festival.

Vacuum toilet pods for air displays

Airshows such as Duxford and Biggin Hill regularly experience visitor numbers up to 30,000 over a weekend, and vacuum toilet pods are the most efficient portable toilet system to cope with such large numbers. The constant vacuum employed by these units removes the need for a macerator, reducing the risk from blockages, making them a highly effective system.

Luxury vacuum toilet pod hire from JB Event Facilities

With over 30 years’ experience providing portable toilet facilities to large-scale public events, we understand the importance of exceptional customer service and we know what is required for a successful event. We will work collaboratively with event planners and staff, to prepare all risk assessments needed for your event to be fully compliant. Additionally we can offer an attendant service and all our customers have access to a dedicated, 24-hour telephone support where skilled technicians and engineers are available to assist with any technical difficulties.

To discuss vacuum toilet pods for your next big event, call us on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk