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Portable shower trailers for the construction industry

Are you considering providing showers for your builders but not sure whether you have to or not? Here is everything you need to know about mobile shower unit hire.

In the UK, the Health & Safety Executive (the HSE) regulates everything to do with health, safety and welfare in the work place and there are prescriptive guidelines for the construction industry in particular.

HSE guidelines for construction welfare are very clear and relate to toilets and handwashing. There are recommendations for the types of wash facilities and the number of toilets that should be provided, and where they should be situated.

HSE guidelines for construction welfare

All construction site workers must have access to toilets (either flushing or chemical) and the legal requirements for the number of building site toilets is clear. Wash facilities must also be provided that include hot and cold running water with soap, drying facilities, ventilation and lighting. There must be sufficient quantities of consumables including soap, toilet paper and paper hand towels. The HSE also states that ‘showers may also be needed depending on the work being done’.

While not a legal requirement, the provision of shower facilities has many benefits to employers and their work force.

The benefits of mobile shower unit hire for construction workers

Portable shower trailers allow workers to clean themselves of dirt and debris before perhaps getting in to their own vehicles to travel home. This shows them that their employer cares about their welfare and a valued worker will be a more productive worker.

Where workers may come into contact with irritants or hazardous materials, access to a shower minimises the amount of time their skin is in contact with potentially harmful substances, keeping them safer.

Modern portable shower trailers offer a home-from-home experience with a set, ambient temperature of 38° C and total privacy with lockable, individual cubicles.

Mobile shower and toilet units for hire from JB Event Facilities

We offer mobile shower unit hire and site toilet hire. Our standard plastic site toilets require no electricity or water and are supplied fully stocked with all consumables. Our portable shower trailers are offered as a 4 bay shower unit and as a 6 bay shower unit, which operate using cost effective gas boilers; the gas is safely stored in its own compartment. The individual, lockable cubicles feature non-slip flooring and are spacious, each being equipped with a seat plus a clothes hook and good lighting. Where there is no access to a mains water supply, we are able to supply an intermediate bulk container plus pump.

Portable toilet and shower hire near me

At JB Event Facilities, we have over 20 years’ experience in the supply of portable welfare facilities to the construction industry and we operate in the following areas: Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire. If you don’t see your area in this list, or you would like to discuss any aspect of welfare facilities for your next building project, get in touch by telephone on 01280 851200 or email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk