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The benefits of honey wagon hire in city locations

When we think of a location film or TV shoot, thoughts often turn to remote spots, off the beaten track. Here, we look at honey wagon hire for city locations, and its benefits.

Unless streets, retail and business premises and the entire infrastructure of an area can be secured for the sole use of a film crew, filming in city locations can be problematic. However, honey wagon hire goes a long way to overcoming these challenges and here’s how:

Honey wagon hire means all locations can be considered

Your location scout has found the perfect setting that fits with the script and ticks all the boxes – it has parking with great transport links and plenty of access. But there are no toilet facilities anywhere in the area. Do you pass it by as too much time will be lost when people have to seek out the nearest toilet? Or, do you hire a honey wagon so that you can have your perfect location? With honey wagon hire, no location has to be overlooked and there will be fewer delays on the shoot when people need a toilet break.

Honey wagon hire will supplement existing facilities

When your perfect location has pre-existing facilities that are available to the public but that will not cope with a sudden influx of people on a film shoot, honey wagon hire can take the strain. Offering facilities for production crew members only, honey wagons relieve the pressure on the local infrastructure and prevent permanent facilities from becoming overwhelmed.  

Honey wagons provide a dedicated area for performers and crew members

In a bustling city location there may be nowhere for your personnel to go where they can have a break away from the public. The spacious interiors of our luxury honey wagon trailers give them the space to retreat to in between takes when they need a moment of calm.

24-hour access for performers and crew

Even if your chosen location does have permanent facilities that will cope with demand, will they be available for a night shoot? The majority of public amenities are locked after a certain time, for safety reasons, but a honey wagon trailer is open 24 hours a day, enabling schedules to be completed on time and within budget.

No added strain on existing utilities

Our luxury toilet trailers all feature an integral water supply and, with our additional generator hire service, production companies have no need to access mains utility supplies.

As well as the benefits for city location film productions, honey wagon hire offers benefits to all location shoots, from supporting compliance with the Social Model of Disability, to satisfying HSE requirements. Read more in The importance of luxury portable toilet hire for TV and film productions.

Luxury honey wagon hire from JB Event Facilities

With years of experience supplying honey wagons to the UK’s leading film studios, JB Event Facilities understand the unconventional scheduling that exists on a film set. We are able to respond to short notice orders and will deliver, wherever possible, to suit your needs. Our range of luxury toilet hire includes luxury accessible toilet units and we also offer portable shower hire. To find out more, call today on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk