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The benefits of luxury vacuum toilet pods for large scale events

We discuss the latest addition to the portable toilet unit family, the vacuum portable toilet pod, and explain why it is perfect for your next large-scale event.

Attendance figures for large-scale public events can be incredibly high, with county shows averaging between 60 and 90,000 visitors over a 2–3-day period and international events such as the Silverstone FI Grand Prix welcoming 390,000 attendees. As most of these will visit the toilet at least twice during the day, is it any wonder that event organisers are seeking out the best and most environmentally-friendly solutions for toilet facilities? But what is it about the vacuum portable toilet pod that is so appealing?

What are luxury vacuum toilet pods?

An alternative to the single-event portable toilet, vacuum pods use an aircraft, vacuum technology system to remove waste from the toilet bowl. 

Reasons to choose vacuum toilet pods for large scale events

There are many reasons why event organisers are turning to vacuum toilet hire in the
UK, not least to improve the environmental credentials of their event.

Vacuum portable toilet pods save water

Portable toilets that employ a traditional flush system recycle the waste water to fill the cistern and use 5-9 litres of water per flush. Vacuum technology reduces the amount of water used by up to 90% using just 0.8-1.0 litre of water per flush.

Vacuum portable toilet pods are chemical-free

The waste water that traditional portable toilets recycle to use for flushing has chemicals added to it. These chemicals maintain the hygiene levels of both the water and the cubicles. In a vacuum flush toilet, this is not needed, rendering them 100% free from chemical additives.

Vacuum portable toilet pods reduce queues

Vacuum flush toilets help to keep the queues moving at large scale events where you need a steady flow of traffic. This is because the vacuum system takes much less time to complete a cycle than a flushing toilet which allows people to vacate cubicles more quickly, making more available over the same period of time.

Vacuum portable toilet pods need no down time

When emptying the vacuum pods, our experienced technicians pump the waste into a waste tank, which takes just 1-3 minutes on average. This means that the vacuum toilets can remain in service constantly, with no downtime required.

Vacuum portable toilet pods reduce vehicle emissions

Traditional portable toilet units can be transported only one at a time. For large-scale events involving multiple trailer hire, this means several journeys for the units to be delivered. In turn, this creates excessive carbon emissions and is fuel intensive. Vacuum pods can be transported much more efficiently, with 2 pods and a vacuum tank being able to be delivered in one drop.

Vacuum toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

Choose from an all-male vacuum toilet pod, an all-female vacuum toilet pod and a urinal vacuum pod and have complete peace of mind that our experienced technicians, plus 24-hour support helpline, will keep your event running smoothly. Let us take the worry away from you of ensuring consumables are fully stocked at all times and, where you need your own grounds staff to be focused on their usual roles, we can also supply an attendant service, to maintain the standards your attendees and guests deserve.

For more details, or for a no-obligation quote, call or email us today on 01280 851200 or at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk