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The difference between flushing toilets and vacuum toilets

Vacuum toilets and flushing toilets differ not only in how they work but in what they offer the user, the event organiser and even the supplier. Read on to find out more.

How vacuum toilets and flushing toilets work

Luxury toilet hire is available in a choice of traditional flushing toilet units and vacuum toilet pods.

  • Flushing toilets use water to flush the waste out of the toilet pan into a holding tank situated beneath the toilet seat. Chemicals inside the holding tank work to break down the waste, kill germs and minimise unpleasant smells. These holding tanks have to be emptied and the waste taken to an approved site; the toilets are out of service while the tanks are emptied. There is also a tank in the unit which stores the water used for the flushing.
  • By comparison, vacuum toilets use low air pressure suction to remove waste from the toilet, rather than water. The flush activates a sliding valve which seals off the toilet bowl and air is pumped out of a tank to create a vacuum which removes the waste when the valve opens. A minimal amount of water is needed to rinse the bowl. The waste then goes into another, larger holding tank which can be emptied without the toilets having to come out of service.

The benefits of vacuum toilets and flushing toilets for the user

  • Vacuum toilets - for anyone who has ever rushed to the toilets in between acts at a festival or races at a sporting event, the frustration at missing the action you have paid to see because you’re stuck in a queue, is enormous. Vacuum toilets reduce waiting time as users do not have to wait for a full flush cycle to complete before the toilet can be used. As no water is involved in the flush system, there is much less chance of splash back from the toilet bowl, reducing the risk of the spread of bacteria, which keeps hygiene levels up for all users.  
  • Flushing toilets – traditional luxury toilets for hire offer uses a VIP experience, with a high end interior that boasts spacious vanity areas with indulgent consumables. All our luxury toilets have hot and cold running water and have well-lit mirrors and eco-friendly paper consumables, and all but the smallest unit has heaters ideal for cold weather events.

The benefits of vacuum toilets and flushing toilets for the event organiser

  • When event organisers hire luxury toilets, it sends the message that they care about the wellbeing of their guests and that they value the experience they have. In turn, this will help to increase opinion public opinion and brand awareness. The wide choice of toilets that are available are suitable for any size event, with fewer than 100 guests to events expecting hundreds of visitors and give organisers the ability to hire exactly what they need.
  • Vacuum toilets are eco-friendly (vital for the environmentally-conscious organiser), using up to 90% less water than their flushing cousins, and as they keep queues to a minimum (see above), organisers can enjoy a steady flow of traffic at high footfall events. Where organisers are mindful of their health and safety responsibilities, the absence of bacteria-laden water makes vacuum toilets extremely hygienic.  

The benefits of vacuum toilets to the supplier

From a supplier point of view, vacuum toilets help us to reduce our vehicle emissions and fuel consumption, thus reducing the carbon footprint we produce as a company. This is because events with multiple unit hire require us to make several journeys when delivering, while we can deliver 2 vacuum pods plus one vacuum tank in one load.

Luxury toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

When you hire luxury toilets from us, you will benefit from our 20+ years of experience in the event industry, and have the peace of mind that, as licenced waste carriers with the environment Agency, we will remove and dispose of all waste ethically, and in line with prevalent legislation. Whether you are looking for luxury toilets for hire, male vacuum toilets, female vacuum toilets, vacuum urinal, or even an accessible vacuum toilet, we have the perfect solution. To find out more simply call our sales team on 01280 851200 or send us some details via email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk