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The importance of luxury portable toilet hire for TV and film productions

Location Managers working on TV and film productions are a bit like the ringmaster of a circus, they have a thousand myriad things to organise and ultimate responsibility for the success of the shoot.

If we continue with the circus analogy, a film set is like the Big Top – there are vehicles, performers, and equipment to install before, finally, a performance can take place. Unlike a circus that will usually be in one place for a short run, however, a film set may be in situ for just a day or several months. A location manager must therefore set up as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid costly time delays.

Along with utilities’ connections, work spaces, parking and rest areas, a vital part of the infrastructure on a set location is the toilets. Hiring luxury units has many benefits, not least that at JB Event Facilities we can deliver, install, empty and remove all our units at a time that is convenient to you.

Safety and hygiene on location

Despite the glitz and glamour associated with the film industry, the needs of everyone involved in it are the same as anybody else. On a busy set, perhaps with hundreds of people, eating and drinking regularly throughout the day, bathroom facilities are vital. The health and mental wellbeing of all is important, especially in remote locations, far from loved ones, so your performers and crew deserve better than a standard plastic portable toilet. Our luxury portable toilet trailers are available in sizes to suit from up to 100 people (our Luxury 1+1 toilet), to over 450 (our Luxury 8 Bay Toilet Unit). With high-end, indulgent consumables included as standard to make everyone feel pampered and valued, our units can be supplied with a generator, making them ideal for locations off the beaten track.

Reduce the risk of delays from illness

Flushable toilets are vital for limiting the spread of disease and clean hands help to maintain the health and safety of all. Our luxury portable toilet units feature flushable toilets plus hot and cold running water, and we are able to provide mobile shower hire too. Additionally, for a large set, to provide accessible hand hygiene in convenient locations, our hand sanitising stations can be positioned in heavy footfall areas as required.

Choice of unit to suit all requirements

Our Luxury Accessible Toilet Unit and our High Dependency Unit enable location managers to fulfill their obligations to staff and performers in line with the Social Model of Disability, ensuring their locations are fully inclusive. When working with babies and toddlers, or if crew members or performers have young children on set with them, the integral baby-changing station will be of huge benefit. On film sets with a high proportion of men and boys, our Luxury Urinal is a great supplement to our luxury trailers. With sufficient troughs for up to 16 men, plus a section for children, this works really well alongside our Luxury 3+1 toilet unit and the 4+2 unit.

Why hire from JB Event Facilities?

Let us provide your film set with our new, top of the range fleet of luxury toilet trailers to give your production a little glitz and glamour. With over 20 years of industry experience, we understand your needs and offer a reliable, professional and discreet service that can be completely tailored to offer you a bespoke package. To discuss how we can help you, call today on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk for a no obligation quote.