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Traditional portable toilets Vs portable vacuum toilet: a comparison and guide

When considering what type of luxury portable toilet to hire, organisers need to compare the benefits and features of traditional portable toilets Vs. portable vacuum toilets. Our helpful guide sets out the pros and cons of each.

At JB Event Facilities, we supply every type of portable toilet from single-eventplastic toilets, ideal for the construction industry, to our largest units, the luxury 8 bay toilet and the luxury 4 plus 2 toilet. More recently, our range of luxury units has been joined by the innovative portable vacuum flush toilet.

Connection to mains utility services

All our luxury toilet units have their own hot water system where applicable (portable urinals feature hand sanitising units) and require only a 13 amp or a 16 amp 240V power supply, depending on the unit. Where there is no access to a mains electricity supply, we are able to provide generator hire as an additional extra.


Our traditional flushing toilet units and our vacuum pods are all finished to the same high-end standards, offering modern and luxurious facilities. With ceramic toilets and hand basins, the units feature hot and cold running water and spacious vanity areas.


We use a selection of 4x4 vehicles to deliver our luxury toilet range which enable us to tow the units onto grass areas or fields. Traditional trailer units can be delivered one at a time. As an environmentally aware company, we understand that people are concerned with the impact our industry has on the environment  and  when delivering our vacuum pods, we are able to deliver two pods plus one vacuum tank on one load. This enables us to reduce our own carbon footprint and fuel consumption.

Environmental credentials

All units, luxury traditional, luxury vacuum and standard plastic portable toilets, are supplied with eco-friendly consumables and, as licensed waste carriers with the Environment Agency, JB Event Facilities dispose of all waste ethically.  The environmental credentials of the luxury vacuum pods, however, are indisputable. The innovative vacuum technology uses up to 80-90% less water than a flushing toilet and removes the need to use added chemicals, making them 100% chemical-free.

Queue reduction and downtime

For organisers of large-scale public events such as sporting fixtures, portable vacuum pods have two major benefits. As users do not have to wait as long for a vacuum flush toilet to complete a cycle as they do for a traditional portable toilet, more users are able to pass through the facilities, keeping traffic moving and thus reducing long queues. Conventional toilet units have to be put out of service temporarily when being emptied, but vacuum pods require no down time as waste from them can be pumped directly into the mains water or into a waste tank, which takes a matter of a few minutes only.

Choice of units

We offer 6 different luxury portable toilet units for hire that are suitable for guest numbers from up to 100 to 450. Our luxury toilet range also includes a luxury accessible toilet unit, a high dependency unit and a luxury urinal. Our luxury vacuum pod range offers a luxury vacuum male toilet pod, with 6 cubicles and 2 urinals, a luxury vacuum female toilet pod with 4 cubicles, and a luxury vacuum urinal pod with 12 urinals. Individual unit descriptions include specifications.

What our luxury toilet hire includes

Our team will deliver and install all units – all we require is level ground - supplied with necessary consumables. Luxury, indulgent toiletries, plus hand towels and toilet paper are provided and replenished throughout the hire period, and all units benefit from their own hot water system. Delivery is usually within normal working hours but we are aware that this will not suit everyone and we are able to offer an out of hours delivery and collection service on request. Likewise where a mains electrical supply is required, we offer additional generator hire. Where you are organising a multi-day event, additional waste removal can be provided. Our reliable team of engineers is always on hand to answer or respond to any of your event needs and all our customers are given 24 hours a day, 365 days a year access to our telephone support line.

Whether you need a luxury 1+1 toilet to reduce the burden on your home’s facilities during a family party, a 4+2 event toilet unit for a large public event or luxury vacuum pods for high footfall sporting fixtures, JB Event Facilities can help. To discuss your exact requirements and the best choice of portable toilet for your needs, simply call our sales team on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk