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Vacuum portable toilet pods

Vacuum portable toilet pods are the eco-friendly alternative to the traditional luxury portable toilet, suitable for high-volume and large-consumption events. But what are they? We look at the most innovative member of the portable toilet hire family.

When providing portable toilet facilities to large scale, high footfall public events, organisers are now, more than ever, conscious of their carbon footprints and their eco-friendly credentials. Hence more and more event planners and facilities managers are turning to the vacuum toilet pod.

What is a vacuum portable toilet pod?

Based on the same technology used in aircraft toilets, a vacuum toilet pod does not use the flush system used in conventional toilets. Instead, all waste in the toilet bowl is removed by means of vacuum suction, along with odours and bioaerosols, and pumped to a waste tank. Where traditional portable toilets recycle waste water to refill the cistern, using approximately 5-9 litres of water each time they are flushed, our vacuum pods use only 0.8-1.0 litre per flush.

Features of vacuum portable toilet pods

At J B Event Facilities our male and female vacuum pods feature a vanity area equipped with ceramic basins with hot and cold water plus electric hand dryers. The vanity areas are equipped with high end, luxury consumables and a large mirror. Our urinal pods feature a hand sanitising system.

Benefits of vacuum portable toilet pods

The eco-credentials of vacuum portable toilet pods cannot be disputed. A vacuum toilet system will reduce water consumption by between 80-90%. As traditional portable toilets use waste water for flushing, chemicals are added to maintain the hygiene levels of the water and the cubicles; this is not necessary in a vacuum system, making the pods 100% chemical-free.

As suppliers that rely on transport for the delivery of our services, and being aware of the public’s concern about our industry’s environmental impact, JB Event Facilities have been able to reduce both our carbon footprint when delivering vacuum portable toilet pods and our fuel consumption. Traditional trailer units can be transported only one at a time, leading to several trips being required, depending on the number of units hired. 2 vacuum pods plus one vacuum tank can be transported on one load, drastically reducing the number of journeys required, our fleet emissions, and our fuel.

Our vacuum pod system employs a constant and consistent vacuum, removing the need for a macerator, making it a highly efficient system. The absence of a macerator also reduces the risks from blockages.

When conventional portable toilet units are emptied, they have to be put out of service while the task is carried out. With vacuum toilet pods, our technicians pump waste directly into the mains water or into a waste tank. Emptying the waste tank takes approximately 1-3 minutes, so there is no down time for users and the toilets can remain in service.

What events are vacuum portable toilet pods suitable for?

Vacuum portable toilet pods are the ideal solution for high footfall events where there needs to be a steady flow of traffic through the facilities; the toilets become available more quickly as users are able to vacate sooner than when waiting for a traditional flush system to complete its cycle. Vacuum pods are therefore perfect for large scale festivals and major sporting fixtures such as horse racing events and major motorsport events.

Vacuum portable toilet pods from J B Event Facilities

Portable toilet pods are available in a variety of sizes and at JB Event Facilities we offer a choice of all-male pods which comprise 2 cubicles and 6 urinals, all-female pods with 4 toilet cubicles, and urinal pods with 12 urinals.

Why hire your vacuum portable toilet pods from J B Event Facilities?

With experience of supplying portable toilet facilities to events with in excess of 375,000 attendees, J B Event Facilities offer a professional and reliable service and we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to you. If your event requires, we are able to provide a toilet attendant service and should you experience any technical difficulties during the hire period, our expert, skilled technicians are available and ready to assist.

To discuss your requirements today simply contact us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or by phone on 01280 851200 and we will be happy to help and advise.