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Where does the waste from portable toilets go?

When using a portable toilet, have you ever wondered where the waste actually goes? Our latest guide reveals all!

How do portable toilets work?

There are two types of portable toilet, those that use a traditional flush system and those that use vacuum technology, and each disposes of waste in different ways.

Traditional flushing portable toilets

At JB Event Facilities, our flushing toilets include all our luxury toilets for hire and our standard toilet hire range. Luxury toilets use water from a concealed tank in the unit to flush the waste away into a holding tank under the seat, while our standard portable toilets use chemicals in the holding tank to flush the waste away. There are chemicals in the holding tank which work on the waste to break it down, and which kill germs and remove smells.

All our traditional flushing portable toilets feature an integral water supply (where required) and waste storage tank so no mains water connection is necessary.

Vacuum toilet pods

Luxury vacuum toilets pods do not use water to remove waste, relying instead on the same technology found in aircraft – that is, a low air pressure, suction method. A valve seals off the toilet bowl and the flush triggers a small amount of water to partly fill the bowl and rinse it. Air is then pumped from a hidden tank to create a vacuum that will suck away the waste when the valve opens. The waste is then transferred to a larger holding tank when air enters the hidden tank.

Where does the waste from portable toilets go?

Flushing toilets and vacuum toilets are self-contained units with their own holding tanks. The waste is stored in the holding tanks, rather than being discharged into the sewer system like our domestic toilets. Once the holding tanks reach full capacity, they have to be emptied.

How portable toilets are emptied

Vacuum pump trucks, or waste service tankers, are used to dispose of waste. The trucks are used to empty the holding tanks of the units, and transport the waste safely on public roads. A pump on the vehicle connects to the storage tank in the unit and the waste is transferred from one to the other using suction technology.

Who can empty a portable toilet?

In the UK, the government’s Environment Agency strictly controls the disposal of liquid waste and it issues reputable waste disposal companies with licences for the transportation of waste to specialist treatment centres. JB Event Facilities hold an Upper Tier Licence (no. CBDU283839) and we dispose of all waste ethically and in line with current government regulations.

Waste disposal services from JB Event Facilities

Based in Northamptonshire, JB Event Facilities have our own fleet of vacuum pump trucks, enabling us to offer waste disposal services regularly across this wide range of UK locations: Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. For waste disposal services near you or to discuss how we can help manage your disposal and collection needs, please contact us by email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or by telephone on 01280 851200.