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Why all TV and film sets need disabled toilets

As of February 2022, disabled people make up 22% of the UK population yet only around 7-8% of those employed in television. We look at how disabled portable toilet hire can help to improve representation.

As with any other type of workplace, the TV and film industry is obliged to provide an environment of inclusivity, in line with the social model of disability which aims to redefine disability in terms of social restrictions. To this end, location managers and anyone with responsibility for providing facilities for location shoots, can help to encourage more disabled representation, both behind and in front of the cameras, by ensuring there are facilities that are accessible by all.

Our range of luxury toilet units includes accessible trailers so that all actors and crew members can enjoy the luxury of high end facilities, whatever their circumstances.

Luxury disabled toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

At JB Event Facilities, our luxury accessible toilet unit will accommodate wheelchair users comfortably, with plenty of room for manoeuvrability. The floor of the unit lowers to ground level, reducing the ramp, which is fitted with handrails, by 50% to provide increased accessibility. Internally, the unit features a reduced-height sink and mirror and the same high end, boutique features of our other luxury units, including luxurious soap and moisturiser, hand towels and toilet paper. The unit has its own hot water system, perfect for more remote locations with no mains water supply. The DDA compliant unit also features baby changing facilities with a wall-mounted, drop-down table. The full specification and floorplan for this unit can be seen here.

Alongside our accessible toilet unit, we also offer a high dependency unit, which allows disabled users to be supported by a carer in their personal needs. The spacious unit is fully equipped with a hot water hand basin and vanity with sensor unit, a hoist and lift, heaters and luxury consumables. This towable unit measures 6.6m in length and has a 5m ramp with handrails; the full specification for this radar key scheme compatible unit can be seen here.

We believe that given the vast numbers of people involved on location in the film and TV industry, from actors to make-up artists, technical crews and every role in between, it is essential that there are disabled toilet units in place for inclusion, compliance and realistic representation.

Why use JB Event Facilities

As a family run business, JB Event Facilities have operated in the event sector for over 20 years and have supplied both the Pinewood and Elstree film studios. We understand the unorthodox hours of location filming and we are happy to accommodate shoot schedules with an out of hours service where necessary. Bespoke hire packages can be created that are specifically tailored to meet your exact requirements, for example where generator hire is needed.

To discuss how we can help your next location shoot to be fully accessible to all, our sales staff can be contacted by email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or telephone on 01280 851200.