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How are portable toilets emptied?

Seen at most public events, portable toilets are a great addition to any event but how are portable toilets emptied and where does the waste go? This guide will explain how we carry out liquid waste disposal.

How portable toilets dispel waste

Portable toilet units differ in the way they remove waste from the toilet bowl. A flushing toilet is the more traditional type of toilet and uses a concealed water tank to flush the waste into a holding tank. Some types will also use chemicals inside the holding tank itself to flush the waste. A more recent addition to the portable toilet industry is the vacuum toilet. Using the same technology found in aircraft, a vacuum toilet uses suction to remove waste into a holding tank. JB Event Facilities supply both types of portable toilet, with vacuum toilet pods available in our luxury toilet hire services.

How portable toilets are emptied

The plumbed in toilets we have at home are (generally) connected to a mains sewer which is where waste goes when the toilet is flushed. As both types of portable toilet are self-contained and are not connected to a mains sewer, they have to be emptied when the waste storage tanks are full.

At JB Event Facilities, we have our own fleet of vacuum pump trucks, which allows us to empty our own toilet units and also offer a toilet emptying service to other toilet hire companies who do not have the necessary equipment.

How a vacuum pump truck works

Our vacuum pump trucks consist of a tank and a pump and they are intended for the transportation of waste safely on public roads and highways. When emptying portable toilets, the pump is attached to the waste storage tank using a sealed system before the waste is removed by suction technology from the storage tank, into the tank of the pump truck.

Once the toilet unit has been emptied, as part of our portable toilet hire contracts with clients, our technicians will ensure that all touch points within the unit are thoroughly cleaned, and they will replenish all consumables within the unit as necessary. It is possible to arrange to have a manned waste tanker on site throughout the duration of your event to ensure toilets are always clean and serviceable.

Where does the waste from portable toilets go?

Liquid waste disposal companies are required by law to be licensed by the Environment Agency and JB Event Facilities hold an Upper Tier Licence, number CBDU283839. Once the waste has been collected, it cannot just be put into a public sewer system but has to be transported to a specialised waste water treatment plant where it is processed and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

If you are holding a public event and would like to discuss luxury toilet hire, or if you are site manager project-managing a build and want to enquire about site toilet hire, our experienced sales team is available to take your call on 01280 851200. Alternatively, email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk for a no-obligation quote.