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Service tankers and what they’re used for

JB Event Facilities have a fleet of service tankers which enables us to service portable toilet units on site. Here, we look at what they are, why we use them and who can make use of them.

What is a service tanker?

A service tanker, also known as a vacuum tanker or a vacuum pump truck, is used in sewerage, industrial and environmental situations, as well as by the emergency services. Vacuum pump trucks feature a tank and a high-pressure pump to suck up liquids, such as the waste from portable toilet units. Waste collected is then removed for disposal. 

How does a vacuum pump truck work?

Similarly to a wet/dry commercial vacuum, the pump in the service tanker removes air from the holding tank to create a vacuum. As valves are opened on the hoses, the pressure inside the tank is equalised and waste is sucked up.

Vacuum pump trucks in the portable toilet industry

One of the most common uses for pump trucks is with sewers and septic tanks where they are used to remove build-up and sludge to reduce the risk of waste backing up or flooding,  and to clean out a septic tank system. They are also the preferred method for emptying commercial aircraft toilets and portable toilet units, and as the tank is self-contained, hazardous waste can be safely held in it, before disposal.

How waste is removed and disposed of from portable toilet units

Human waste contains harmful bacteria, and portable toilets that are not maintained or managed appropriately can become a breeding ground. Portable toilet waste must therefore be removed and disposed of without any negative or adverse environmental affect and without any risks to human health and wellbeing. When the tank of a portable toilet is full, the waste is sucked out by a service tanker and transferred to a large holding tank, from where it is disposed of.

Vacuum pump truck hire from JB Event Facilities

Our own fleet of vacuum pump trucks is able to service portable toilets in situ or at our yard. For long term hires, or multi-day events, we can arrange for a manned service tanker to be present on the site of your event for its duration. This enables your portable toilet units to be serviceable at all times, eliminating the need to have a larger tanker entering the site during the event. We offer a comprehensive service which includes portable toilet emptying, tanker servicing, waste tank emptying and portable toilet trailer cleaning and restocking; this service can be offered on a one-off basis or as a regular service, and can also be extended to other portable toilet hire companies without their own equipment.

The removal and disposal of waste is strictly regulated by The Environment Agency which requires that any business carrying waste on a professional basis be registered as an upper tier licence holder and appear on the agency’s public register. JB Event Facilities hold an upper tier licence (number CBDU283839) and all the waste removed by us is ethically disposed of.

If your event or business would benefit from the services of a vacuum pump truck, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Our experienced staff can be reached on 01280 851200 or by email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk