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Why you should hire luxury portable toilets for outdoor public events

When organising outdoor events where expected visitor numbers are in their thousands, luxury toilet hire has advantages for organisers and visitors alike.

While standard portable toilets are perfectly adequate for many situations, at large footfall events such as Formula 1 race events, music festivals or street carnivals, luxury portable toilet hire offers a wide selection of products to meet the needs of attendees alongside a host of other benefits.

Luxury portable toilet hire is cost effective

If your event lacks sufficient permanent facilities or is located remotely, the cost of building toilets will exceed the budget of most organisers. With the installation, set up, waste disposal and removal included in the hire costs, event toilet hire makes sound economic sense.

Luxury portable toilets make guests feel valued

Everyone has heard horror stories surrounding portable toilets for outdoor events, with many people being reluctant to make a return visit because of them. Offering guests and event attendees a premium experience, with high end, luxury pampering consumables and hotel finishes, will go a long way to endorse the quality of your brand and it will instill confidence, leading to glowing reviews and recommendations.

Luxury portable toilets are clean and hygienic

JB Event Facilities’ luxury portable toilet trailers are manufactured to the highest specifications and our entire fleet comprises quality, modern units. Each unit is deep cleaned prior to delivery and is installed with all consumables provided. An attendant service is also available; this allows organisers to deploy their regular staff elsewhere safe in the knowledge that the cleanliness of the toilet units will be maintained at all times. All waste is disposed of hygienically and ethically, and locations are left in untouched conditions.

Luxury accessible toilet units ensure compliance

Adequate facilities are a legal requirement under The Disability Act (2010) and event organisers are obliged to provide facilities of an equal standard to those available to non-disabled people (The Equality Act 2010). Our luxury accessible toilet units are spacious and modern, with wide doors, handrails and lowered sinks and mirrors.   

Wide choice of luxury portable toilet units

At JB Event Facilities, our fleet of modern units includes standard models offering economy solutions, plus a wide selection of luxury, deluxe toilet units that can service up to 450 people over an 8-hour period. Our most popular units include:

The 4+2 Event Toilet Unit

Our biggest event-style unit, the 4+2 Event Toilet Unit is the perfect solution for public events with high footfall. The unit has four spacious ladies’ cubicles plus two basins in one half, with two men’s cubicles, four urinals and two basins in the other. The unit is supplied with all consumables and can be run from a domestic electrical supply or via a generator.

Luxury 8 Bay Toilet Unit

With its own water supply and waste storage, the Luxury 8 Bay Toilet Unit requires nothing more than a 13-amp electrical supply. With 4 ladies’ and 4 men’s cubicles, the unit features a central door between sections which can be left open to create a standalone, single gender unit.

Luxury 4+2 Toilet Unit

Ideal for large volume events such as county shows, the Luxury 4+2 Toilet Unit has fully flushing toilets, hot and cold running water and has been finished with high end fittings, including mood lighting, brushed aluminium fittings, high spec vanity units and indulgent consumables. The unit has 4 ladies’ toilets plus 2 men’s cubicles and 4 urinals. A central door will quickly convert the unit to male-only usage.

All the above luxury units will cater for up to 450 people over 8 hours but if your requirements differ, or if you’re not sure which units will be best for your event, our friendly and expert sales staff is waiting to help and advise. When looking for event toilet hire, always choose a company you can trust with testimonials from reputable clients. JB Event Facilities have almost thirty years’ experience in the luxury toilet hire industry, so for an informal chat or a no obligation quote, email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or call on 01280 851200.