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Luxury portable toilet hire for Christmas parties

Party season will soon be upon us and it’s never too soon to organise your party toilet hire. Our guide walks you through the units available and which ones are best for your event.

Whether you are organising a Christmas party in an indoor venue with permanent toilet facilities, or an outdoor venue with no facilities, party toilet hire should be at the top of every event organiser’s to-do list.

Reasons for portable toilet hire for parties

Provides sufficient facilities for guest – permanent facilities, where there are any, may be inadequate to service your expected numbers and outdoor, temporary venues such as marquees may not have any facilities at all. We are often asked How many portable toilets do I need? and of course our experienced team is always happy to help with this.

Helps guests have the best time – every event organiser wants to provide the best experience to their attendees. Luxury toilet units, with their high end interiors and luxury consumables are clean, hygienic and offer spacious vanity areas that are guaranteed to enhance user experience.

Offers organisers flexibility – ideal for temporary events, luxury portable toilets can be installed and removed quickly and easily and at a time to suit organisers. As long as there is enough space for delivery vehicles, units can be placed almost anywhere to suit the venue and the party-goers’ needs.

Helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the event – luxury toilet units have their own water supply and use much less water than their plumbed-in counterparts, with luxury vacuum toilet pods using  up to 90% less water per ‘flush’.

Today’s luxury portable toilets for hire are available in a variety of sizes and layouts and include disabled toilets and luxury urinals. At JB Event Facilities we offer a wide selection of units and these are some of the more popular members of our fleet:

The Luxury 2+1 Toilet Unit

Ideal for smaller events, the Luxury 2+1 unit will service up to 150 people over an 8-hour period and contains 2 ladies' toilets, 1 men's toilet and 2 urinals. The unit has an integral water supply and waste storage.

The Luxury 3+1 Toilet Unit

With 3 ladies' toilets, 1 men's toilet and 3 urinals, the Luxury 3+1 unit is sufficient for up to 300 people over 8 hours and also has its own water supply and waste storage.

The Luxury 4+2 Toilet Unit

The largest luxury unit on the market, the Luxury 4+2 unit is ideal for large Christmas parties, servicing up to 450 people. The unit has 4 ladies' toilets, 2 men’s toilets and 4 urinals

Luxury Accessible Toilet Unit

Ideal for ensuring compliance and inclusivity, the Luxury Accessible Toilet Unit is a great complement to smaller units, and is completely DDA compliant.

Luxury Urinal

Ideal for reducing queues and freeing up cubicle toilet units for those who need them, the Luxury Urinal has 16 urinals. Needing nothing more than an electrical supply, the luxury urinal has electric strip lighting and hand sanitiser.

Party toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

We have over 25 years’ experience in the event industry and our professional sales team can help and advise on all aspects of the hire process. If you are organising a Christmas party in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Worcestershire or Gloucestershire, send us an email to info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk with some details or call us on 01280 851200 for a no obligation, informal chat.