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Portable toilets for home renovations

You’ve made the decision to have renovation work carried out at home but cannot bear the thought of all the mess. Here’s how site toilet hire can help save your home and your sanity!

Many of us associate site toilet hire with large construction projects, perhaps new-build housing estates or office complexes, where row upon row of single use plastic toilets can be seen, and it may be the furthest thing from your mind when deciding to have your own home remodelled. But no matter how large or small the project, from having an extension built or simply updating an existing bathroom, there will be workmen and builders on and in your home, whose job is far from clean.

Why hire portable site toilets for domestic build projects

Providing facilities dedicated solely to your builders where they can clean up, is a great solution to avoid them having to use your family bathroom or cloakroom. Installing a portable toilet unit outdoors removes the need for you to clean up after they have deposited dust, dirt and grime in your home.  

Depending how generous you are with providing tea and refreshments for the workmen, they will inevitably need somewhere ‘to go’. If they have access only to the family’s facilities, this can feel like an invasion of privacy and supplying them with their own toilet, outside, may help more vulnerable family members feel safer.  

The single event toilet unit from our standard toilet hire range is ideal for home builders. Lightweight and easily positioned on flat, even ground, the unit features a fully flushing recirculating tank operated by means of a hygienic foot pump. No electricity or water supply is necessary from the householder, and all consumables including hand sanitiser and toilet roll, is provided.

Portable toilets for bathroom renovations

When a new bathroom is being installed or an existing one renovated, homeowners may find themselves without access to facilities for a period of time. In this situation luxury portable toilet hire is the perfect solution for your family, offering all the facilities of a household toilet. Our smallest unit, the Luxury 1+1 Toilet is supplied with indulgent consumables and eco-friendly paper products. Requiring no mains water or electricity supply, the unit will be ideal if your utilities have to be switched off at any point.

Construction site toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

All construction projects, whether commercial or domestic, are required by law to comply with HSE guidelines which recommend one toilet for every seven workers. The toilets are also required to be clean, well-lit and ventilated, with handwashing facilities, and they should be clean and fully stocked with consumables. When you hire a portable toilet from JB Event Facilities, all these boxes can be ticked, ensuring your project is completely compliant. The units will arrive with you steam cleaned and fully stocked and we can arrange to come and empty them, clean them and restock them when required.

Site toilet hire near me

We will supply building site toilet hire within a 50-mile radius of our location in Northamptonshire. Our full list of locations includes Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire plus many more.  To discuss any aspect of portable toilet hire or luxury toilet hire, please call our friendly and experienced sales team on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk