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The top reasons to hire a toilet attendant

Prestige sporting events attract prestige spectators who expect the very best. Here, we discuss why hiring a toilet attendant will elevate your event to the next level and deliver the service your attendees deserve.

Event organisers may have spent months planning for an event and, on the day, will be needed to ensure every aspect of the experience on offer meets or exceeds expectations. Hiring a toilet attendant from JB Event Facilities will offer you the peace of mind that your luxury portable toilet facilities will be well maintained and managed throughout the event.  

The benefits of hiring a toilet attendant

Toilet attendants at a public event provide not only a luxury element for guests and spectators, but a host of other benefits too. The following are our top reasons you should consider a toilet attendant service.  

Toilet attendants maintain hygiene standards in portable toilet units

Our luxury portable toilet trailers are delivered to you in pristine condition and for events over several days, your attendees deserve the toilets to remain in the same condition as when they are first installed. A toilet attendant will maintain the cleanliness of the units, keeping them fresh and hygienic, throughout the entire event.

Toilet attendants enable permanent staff to be deployed elsewhere

Permanent venue cleaning personnel can be available for other areas of the event when toilet attendants from JB Event Facilities are on hand. Event organisers can be confident that guests will always have well-stocked facilities as our toilet attendants will replenish all consumables when necessary.

Toilet attendants are on hand to deal with emergencies

During an event, organisers may be presented with situations that need their immediate attention. Hiring a toilet attendant to supervise your luxury portable toilets means that they will be in place to handle anything that arises, freeing organisers up elsewhere.

Toilet attendants ensure facilities run efficiently

Toilet attendants on site can remove the fear of damage or accident by guests and spectators to the portable toilets, giving organisers peace of mind. Where required, they can also help to keep queues to a minimum and for events over several days, they can arrange for the discreet emptying and disposal of waste for the minimum of disruption to guests.

Toilet attendants from JB Event Facilities Ltd.

Our cleaning and service teams are made up of highly regarded and long standing members of staff. Friendly and professional, they insist on the best cleaning practices for every unit and adhere to the high standards for quality and service that JB Event Facilities have been renowned for throughout our 20+ years of experience in the supply of portable toilet facilities to large-scale, prestige sporting events including the Silverstone Formula One .

For large scale, luxury events, spectators may have travelled long distances to attend and many will be dressed to the nines. They deserve the facilities that can only be offered by luxury portable toilet units such as our Luxury 8 Bay Toilet Unit or our Luxury 4+2 Toilet Unit. To provide a truly VIP experience that all your visitors will remember, call us today on 01280 851200 to see how our toilet attendants can help. Alternatively, for a no-obligation quotation, email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk