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Why every large scale event needs luxury toilet hire

Seasoned event organisers are able to distinguish between the important and the urgent, and have all their bases covered. The one thing that they all agree is important is the need for luxury portable toilet hire at large scale events.

Research carried out in 2018  found that the average British adult will visit the toilet around 8 times a day. Now think about a large-scale public event with say 60,000 people and you begin to get a picture of how many toilets you are going to need. Why then should you choose luxury toilet hire?

Luxury portable toilets reflect the calibre of your event

Is your event worthy of hotel-finish bathroom facilities, with luxury consumables and perhaps an attendant service? Or would a standard portable construction site toilet suit your event and its attendees better? And which will your visitors remember? A luxury toilet trailer is aesthetically easy on the eye, clean and well-maintained, and organisers who hire them are showing how much pride they take in their venue.

Luxury portable toilets make every guest feel like a VIP

Show your event guests that standards are high. A luxury toilet unit shows them that their well-being and comfort is important to you and that you prioritise clean and sanitary conditions. Give your guests positive memories of their experience at your event and they will be more likely to use your services to organise a future event of their own.

Luxury toilet trailers offer a place of safety

We have all heard the old cliché that women always visit the toilet in pairs but often they need a moment to take a breath with a trusted companion or just some time to reset, not to mention the opportunity to refresh make up and readjust outfits. Our luxury trailers feature common areas that are well lit and have quality mirrors where friends can pause to chat, without taking up the cubicles.

Luxury toilet trailers can be used with other portable toilet types

Our luxury portable toilet units can be used alongside other types of portable toilet. For example, where an event expects a high proportion of males guests, a luxury urinal is the ideal addition, and to ensure compliance and accessibility, we offer a Luxury Accessible Toilet Unit as well as a High Dependency Unit, complete with hoist and shower.

Wide choice of luxury toilet units

The physical layout of your chosen venue could have an impact on where you position the portable facilities, and which units you can install. Our range of luxury toilet trailers starts with the Luxury 1+1 Toilet which is our smallest unit and increases in size to the Luxury 4+2 Toilet, the biggest unit on the market. We can advise on the best combination of units for your event – all we need is level ground on which to site them.

With almost thirty years’ experience in the industry, JB Event Facilities is a name you can trust so, once you have made the decision to hire luxury toilets, give us a call on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk for a no-obligation quote. Our service includes fuss-free delivery, installation and removal of all luxury units and, where required, we are able to provide an attendant service so that no in-house cleaning teams are needed.