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Top tips for wedding toilet hire

For wedding planners, coordinators and event organisers, arranging suitable toilet facilities is a big part of ensuring you deliver the perfect day. Here are our top tips for wedding toilet hire.

How many portable toilets do I need?

The fear for anyone organising a couple’s big day is that there will be insufficient toilets for the guests and that people will be left caught short, unable to find a toilet. Whether you are expecting 100 guests or 500, there is a luxury toilet unit for you. The Luxury 2+1 toilet unit is the most popular unit for weddings, accommodating up to 150 people over an 8-hour period, and offering 2 ladies’ toilets plus 1 men’s toilet and 2 urinals.

For different guest numbers, the following is a guideline:


Guest numbers

Toilet unit


Suitable for

Up to 450

Luxury 8 Bay Toilet Unit

8 bay, all cubicle unit

Single gender or gender neutral

Up to 450

Luxury 4+2 Toilet Unit

4 ladies’ toilets on one side, with 2 men’s toilets and 4 urinals on the other

Men and women

Up to 300

Luxury 3+1 Toilet Unit

3 ladies’ toilets on one side with 1 men’s toilet and 3 urinals on the other

Men and women

Up to 150

Luxury 2+1 Toilet Unit

2 ladies' toilets on one side with 1 men's toilet and 2 urinals on the other

Men and women

Up to 100

Luxury 1+1 Toilet

One ladies’ single toilet cubicle and one men’s single toilet cubicle

Men and women


Available venue space

Seek advice about the footprint of individual units so that you hire the most appropriate unit. For example, the Luxury 1+1 Toilet has a small footprint and is ideal where space is at a premium, or as a complement to existing permanent facilities. Bear in mind though that smaller units will need to be emptied more frequently and may work out less cost effective than a larger unit requiring fewer servicing trips.


Consider access too, for guests as well as any vehicles needing to service or empty the units during the event; for interim emptying and servicing, the servicing vehicle will need to get within 25 metres of the unit. Where space and access may be challenging for guests, consider units with entry points on both sides. These include the Luxury 3+1 Toilet Unit and the Luxury 2+1 Toilet Unit.

Type of portable toilet – standard or luxury

Rows of plastic, single use portable toilets are fine on a construction site or at large footfall events such as music festivals, but the happy couple and their guests deserve the very best. Reputable hire companies will offer good looking luxury toilet units that are new or almost new. They will be more than happy for their units to be viewed and if they aren’t, listen to those alarm bells!

Guests who have travelled for the wedding will appreciate the luxury facilities and the high end finish of a luxury portable toilet and female guests particularly will enjoy the spacious, well-lit vanity areas. The reasons why luxury portable toilets are better for guests are many, and they are certain to be one area of the celebrations that will leave a lasting impression on guests if they are not up to scratch.

Book early

As with all industries, we have times in the year when demand for our portable toilet hire is very high. Wedding season is one of our busiest periods and units are booked up early. To avoid disappointment and to ensure you are able to hire exactly what you need, don’t delay in making that first enquiry!

Luxury wedding toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

With over 30 years’ experience in the event and wedding industry, JB Event Facilities is a family run company that you can trust. We will work with wedding coordinators and planners to get the smallest details exactly right, and we will look after every aspect of the hire from initial enquiry to final collection. Delivery and pick up can be arranged for times to suit your agenda, wherever possible, and all our clients have 24-hour unlimited access to a helpline and support from experienced and reliable technicians and engineers.

To find out more about our wedding toilets for hire, email us some details or call us on 01280 851200