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Do I need portable toilets at my wedding?

When organising your special day, with guest lists, menu choices, refreshments and entertainment, hiring toilets for a wedding might be furthest from your mind, but we believe weddings only benefit from luxury toilet hire, and here’s why.

While your reception venue is sure to have its own toilet facilities, can you be sure they will be sufficient for your expected numbers? Free-flowing food and drink may overstretch or even overwhelm existing facilities but wedding toilet hire will ensure your guests don’t have to queue, and a luxury urinal will ensure the toilets are left available for female guests.

How many toilets do I need for my wedding?

It may be enough just to supplement existing provision and our smallest luxury toilet, the 1+1 unit, is ideal for this. Our smallest trailer has a spacious interior with two separate cubicles, hot and cold running water and fully flushing toilets, and will accommodate up to 100 people over an 8-hour period. Our most popular units will accommodate the following numbers:

Number of guests



Up to 150

Luxury 2+1 toilet unit

2 ladies, 1 gents + 2 urinals

Up to 300

Luxury 3+1 toilet unit

3 ladies, 1 gents + 3 urinals

Up to 450

Luxury 4+2 toilet unit

4 ladies, 2 gents + 4 urinals

Up to 450

Luxury 8 bay toilet unit

8 cubicles or 4+4


Hiring toilets for a wedding is much more than ensuring you have enough facilities though, and there are other reasons for having them.

Luxury facilities for your guests

Many of your guests may have travelled quite a distance to share your special day with you and they will be dressed in their finest. How lovely then, to offer them high end facilities with plenty of space to freshen up and maintain their appearance. As well as hot and cold running water and fully flushing toilets, our luxury toilet trailers feature spacious vanity areas equipped with quality mirrors, ambient lighting and indulgent, luxury consumables.

Luxury toilet hire shows you care

You want to give your guests the best day and this will be reflected in your choice of everything from the venue, to the décor, to the menu. Providing luxury toilet hire is one way to show your guests how valued they are and how them having a great experience on your special day is important to you.

Luxury toilet hire ensures accessibility for all

Event venues are obliged by law to be wheelchair and pram accessible, but if you are expecting a lot of families or have even one wheelchair-user, our luxury accessible toilet unit is perfect. With room to manoeuvre wheelchairs and pushchairs, the unit has a ramp, handrail, reduced-height sink and baby changing facilities. Elderly guests will also appreciate the ramp and handrails and will feel reassured by the panic alarm system.

Toilet hire for weddings from JB Event Facilities

Hiring your luxury toilets is straightforward and stress-free when you choose a reputable business with over 20 years of industry experience and countless satisfied customers. Our experienced staff can support you every step of the way, from advising on the best units for your needs, to the best location for them at the venue site. But we do advise that you order in advance, as we have periods throughout the year when demand is high. Ordering in advance ensures you will secure what you want, when you want it.

To begin your luxury toilet hire journey with us, simply call 01280 851200 or send us an email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk and let us make your special day even more perfect.