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Single event portable toilets – what’s the alternative?

We look at single event portable toilets and ask what the alternative is for your next event.

In today’s market, there are so many types of portable toilets for outdoor events, you’d be forgiven for not knowing which type is best for your event. At JB Event Facilities, we supply every type, from the single event portable toilet to high capacity, luxury toilet trailers. If you have always opted for the single event toilet, our guide will showcase the alternatives available to you.

The single event toilet

Single portable toilet hire is the first choice for construction sites and larger outdoor events such as festivals. Our standalone single event toilet unit has a foot operated flush system and a foot operated hand basin with fresh water. Requiring no mains power, these units are ideal for remote locations or outdoor venues with no access to a mains electricity supply. Designed with economy in mind, the single event toilet features a fully flushing recirculating tank, hand sanitisers, mirror, and all necessary consumables. Multiple units can be sited together for large crowd events.

Today, as an alternative to the plastic, single toilet, more and more event organisers are turning to the latest addition to the portable toilet range, the vacuum toilet.

The difference between a single event toilet and a vacuum toilet

A vacuum toilet pod uses aircraft, vacuum technology instead of a conventional flushing system to remove waste.

The benefits of vacuum toilets for events

The benefits of vacuum toilet pods for event organisers are numerous, from an environmental point of view and a crowd control point of view.

Why vacuum pods are eco-friendly

The absence of a traditional flush system means that vacuum toilets save on the water that a single event toilet would use to fill the cistern. On average, this equates to a saving of up to 90% per flush, down from 5-9 litres of water to just 0.8-1 litre. Also, the water that is recycled in a traditional portable toilet for flushing, has chemicals added to it to maintain the hygiene levels of the water and the unit. Vacuum toilets are therefore 100% chemical-free.

How vacuum toilets reduce queues

Organisers of large scale events need to be mindful of queueing time for facilities. For example, at a concert, people do not want to miss their favourite performers because they are standing in line for the toilets. As a vacuum toilet does not need to go through a flush cycle in between users, and takes much less time to complete its own cycle, occupants can vacate more quickly, allowing more traffic to pass through in the same amount of time.

Vacuum toilet units

Our vacuum toilet range comprises a luxury vacuum male toilet pod and a luxury vacuum female toilet pod, as well as a luxury vacuum urinal pod. The male toilet pod is a single unit comprising 2 cubicles and 6 urinals, with two hand basins with hot and cold water, mirrors and hand dryers. The female toilet pod is also a single unit, with 4 individual cubicles, hot and cold running water, and a vanity area equipped with mirrors, basins, luxury soap and hand lotion, plus an electric hand dryer. The ultimate queue-buster of the range, however, has to be the vacuum urinal pod. The single unit has 12 urinals allowing a steady stream of people to pass through during the course of an event.

If you are organising a large scale, high footfall event and would like to discuss event toilet hire, our friendly sales team can be contacted via email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or telephone on 01280 851200 today.