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When to hire a portable shower

Catching up in popularity with portable toilet hire is mobile shower hire. In our latest guide, we look at some of the industries and events that benefit from having portable showers.

Multi-day events such as sporting events and festivals are the obvious choice for offering guests shower facilities, but there are many more occasions where organisers should consider mobile shower unit hire.

Location filming – when filming in remote locations, with few, if any, permanent facilities, a mobile shower unit can really help to boost morale. The benefits of portable shower trailers on film sets include increased productivity and will show everyone involved in the production from performers to runners, that their mental wellbeing matters.

Music festivals – for anyone who has ever been to a music festival and had to keep themselves clean with bottles of water or baby wipes, the benefits of portable showers are undisputable! Not only are they more environmentally-friendly than baby wipes, but portable showers will go a long way to providing a great user experience. In the unlikely event of a festival taking place in extreme temperatures, a portable shower can help to avoid the dangers of heat stroke by allowing people to stay cool too.

Hospitals and care homes – with the healthcare sector coming more and more under pressure, and becoming overwhelmed, access to extra showering facilities for staff and patients can contribute to a cleaner environment which supports the mental wellbeing of all.

Construction – show your builders how much you value them by providing them with mobile shower units which will allow them to clean up before getting in their own vehicles to travel home – it will also be much more comfortable for them to travel in a clean condition rather than covered in dust and grime. Showering will also remove any potential skin irritants as quickly as possible.

Education – for schools and colleges with permanent facilities, it can be difficult to maintain the correct ratio of students: showers without building new facilities, particularly when hosting a competition with visitors from other establishments. The DfE advises there should be enough showers to meet the needs of the community, that are separate from the toilets and which must offer adequate privacy, all of which can be satisfied by hiring portable shower units.

Home renovations – for homes undergoing renovations or refurbishments, it may be impractical for family members to go for a prolonged period without shower facilities. Likewise in a commercial setting such as a sports centre or swimming pool, renting a portable shower unit could mean the difference between having to close temporarily or remain open for the duration of the works and avoiding loss of revenue.

Shower unit hire from JB Event Facilities

Our portable showers are offered in a 4 bay shower unit, a 6 bay shower unit and an accessible shower unit. The 4- and 6-bay units comprise spacious, individual, lockable cubicles, each with clothes hook, seat and lights, while the accessible unit is fully compliant with current DDA legislation. Our units do require a water supply but in the absence of a mains connection, we can provide an IBC (intermediate bulk container) and pump; please note here that the accessible shower needs good water pressure and suitable drainage for waste to soak away, and it has to be fork lifted into place. 

To discuss any aspect of mobile shower unit hire, please get in touch via telephone on 01280 851200 or email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk