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Honey wagon hire for film and TV - luxury or standard toilet hire?

With experience of supplying honey wagons to the prestigious Pinewood and Elstree studios over a number of years, we understand why TV and film productions deserve luxury toilet hire.

What is a honey wagon?

Originally a horse-drawn wagon used for the collection of human waste in the days before plumbed in facilities, today’s honey wagons are portable toilets used in the TV and film industry. They are hired to provide much needed facilities to cast and crew members working on location shoots, where no permanent facilities are available for use.

The difference between luxury and standard toilet hire

To understand why luxury toilet hire is preferable for the film industry, it’s important to look at the different features of luxury and standard portable toilets.

Luxury portable toilets

Standard portable toilets

Luxury interior finish

Basic, functional interior

Recessed lighting

Overhead lighting

Wood effect flooring

Moulded plastic flooring

Fully flushable toilets

Foot operated flush system

Ceramic basins with running water and indulgent hand wash and lotion

Hand sanitiser

Spacious interiors

Space saving design – 1.16m wide (interior), 1.19m wide (exterior)

Heaters (in all but the smallest unit)

No heaters

Well-equipped vanity areas

Single mirror

Wide choice of units

Single use units only


The benefits of honey wagon hire for location managers

  • With portable toilet hire, location managers can consider every location, regardless of local facilities, or lack of!
  • Where the ideal location has insufficient permanent facilities, luxury toilet hire can supplement them.
  • Luxury portable toilets can be provided for the sole use of production staff, where existing facilities may be used by others, for example in public spaces such as parks.
  • Portable toilet hire can prevent existing public facilities from being overwhelmed by increased traffic.
  • Many units require no mains water, ideal for remote locations, and where there is no access to a mains electricity supply, generator hire can be arranged.

Why luxury toilet hire for the TV and film industry?

Luxury portable toilets offer the comfort performers and crew members have a right to expect. Where minor costume changes are necessary, our units offer spacious interiors that can accommodate this and all but our smallest units have heaters, making them a great solution for cold weather shoots.

Whatever the size of the shoot or the number of personnel involved, there are units to suit every need. From the Luxury 2+1 toilet unit that will happily accommodate up to 150 people in 2 ladies’ toilets, 1 men’s toilet and 2 urinal to the Luxury 8 bay toilet unit featuring 4 ladies' toilets, 4 men’s toilets for up to 450 people over 8 hours.

Honey wagon hire from JB Event Facilities

Our event and film industry experience has equipped us to understand that there is no such thing as office hours! We can respond to short notice requests and will deliver to suit your requirements. From our full range of luxury portable toilets, as well as mobile shower hire, we can tailor a bespoke package including generator hire and luxury accessible toilet units. To find out more, send us an email with some details to info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or give our friendly sales team a call on 01280 851200 today.