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The benefits of portable hand sanitising stations at street festivals

When organising or setting up a street festival or outdoor event, hand sanitising stations are a must-have. We run through the benefits of having them at your next event.

Hand hygiene is one of the most important things to do when preparing food or before eating, as almost 80% of infections are transmitted by our hands. So, if you are organising a public event, read on to see how portable hand sanitiser stations can help you.

What is a portable hand sanitising station?

A portable hand sanitiser station allows you to sanitise your hands anywhere traditional handwashing facilities with soap and water, are not available.  

The benefits of portable hand sanitiser stations

  • Our freestanding hand sanitiser stations are ideal for high traffic events such as street festivals or food markets, where visitors do not have access to hand washing facilities with soap and water.
  • Fully portable, a hand sanitiser station can be positioned in any location.
  • At public, outdoor events, portable hand sanitiser stations can help to reduce the risk of cross contamination and prevent the spread of infection.
  • The presence of hand sanitiser stations will give event visitors peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy the event without undue anxiety.
  • Traditional hand washing facilities with running water and soap, require the user to touch a variety of surfaces, including the tap and the soap, which may contribute to the spread of germs. With a hand sanitiser station, only the push-to-activate release mechanism needs to be touched.

Where to use portable hand sanitiser stations

Any outdoor event that is expecting a high footfall of visitors and that does not have a permanent plumbing system, should have portable hand sanitiser stations.

Every year, there are always lots of organised events, with food festivals and international food markets often topping the list. Where there are food stalls and vendors, but not often bathroom access, it is particularly important that visitors walking around have the opportunity to sanitise their hands.

Add to the mix county shows, traditional farmers’ markets and of course the popular Christmas markets, in fact any event where food vendors can be joined by cooking demonstrations, and the risk of cross contamination rises dramatically.

Portable hand sanitising stations from JB Event Facilities

Each of our hygienic hand sanitising stations features three dispensers, enabling several people to access them at once. For sanitiser to be effective against germs, it should have an alcohol content of at least 60% - the alcohol content of our sanitiser liquid is 70% and kills 99.9% of the most common and harmful germs. Each of the three dispensers has a compact design allowing for discreet placement, and has a push-to-activate mechanism. 

In the last two years, people have become much more aware of the part that hand washing plays in the control of viral diseases and infections and hand hygiene has become second nature to us. If you are organising a public event that involves food, let us help you give your attendees peace of mind with access to our convenient hand sanitising stations. Call us today on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk to discuss your requirements.