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Wedding toilet hire - why do I need it?

You might not think you need wedding toilet hire but in our latest guide, we’ll explain why you do, and why it needs to be done well!

When organising a wedding, you want everything to be perfect for the happy couple and often, wedding toilet hire will rank much further down the priority list than venue décor and entertainment. But, at JB Event Facilities, we believe it should rank just as highly, and here’s why.

Wedding venue facilities

With more couples choosing wedding venues that offer complete ceremony/reception packages, organisers need to be mindful of the available permanent toilet facilities. With whole venue hires, consider the layout of the venue – will guests have access to the whole place and, if so, are the toilets located throughout or are they concentrated in one area. Will guests have to go far in search of a toilet?

Venue accessibility

How accessible are the toilets at the venue? Are they situated on the ground level of the building – is there lift access where they are not? Think about the more elderly guests who may have mobility issues and young families who may have toddlers or babies in pushchairs and prams, that will need to negotiate stairs or squeeze into lifts, and hiring toilets for a wedding starts to make a lot more sense.

Wedding reception food and drink

A whole day event can include a lot of refreshments – from the welcome drinks and canapés, to the wedding breakfast and the evening food and drink. For those guests who are attending the whole day, fine food and wine will fuel the need to go to the loo more often. Are there sufficient facilities to accommodate all the guests or will existing facilities become quickly overwhelmed? Of course, it can be tricky to calculate how many toilets to book, but How many portable toilets do I need? will help and individual unit descriptions for each of our executive toilets for hire have full specifications.  

VIP luxury toilet hire for VIP guests

In the days when families lived in the same town and our ability to move away for work was restricted, weddings were attended by guests who were local to the ceremony and celebrations. Today, with people moving freely around the world for work and often living far from their family, wedding guests often travel quite a distance to attend. Don’t they deserve the very best of facilities? And to feel that their presence at the wedding is highly valued and appreciated by the happy couple? At JB Event Facilities we believe that VIP guests deserve nothing less than VIP toilet hire.

The benefits of toilet hire for weddings

  • Our luxury portable toilets for weddings require a firm, flat piece of ground with enough access for delivery vehicles. Beyond that, they can be installed on any type of surface, including grass which allows them to be positioned at intervals throughout your venue’s grounds to suit your guests. By doing this, guests will never have far to go to find a toilet.
  • Our range of luxury toilets for hire includes an HDU (high dependency unit) for accompanied guests, as well as a luxury portable disabled toilet which is also family-friendly. With ramps to accommodate those who may be unfirm on their feet, and wheelchair and pushchair users, these units allow everyone access to facilities.
  • Portable toilet hire for weddings is the perfect way to ensure guests have access to enough toilets without permanent facilities becoming overwhelmed. From our smallest unit, the Luxury 1+1 toilet which is the perfect complement to your venue’s existing toilets, to the Luxury 8-bay toilet, which is the ideal solution for an outdoor reception with no permanent facilities, we have luxury trailers for every size wedding. This gives everyone the peace of mind that no one will have to queue when needing the toilet and no one will miss out on the fun and entertainment either.
  • When guests have travelled to attend a wedding, luxury toilets offer them luxury facilities and a complete VIP experience. The interiors of our units feature a high-end finish with spacious vanity areas well equipped with mirrors and luxury consumables. To find out more, read Why luxury portable toilets are better for your guests.

Portable toilet hire for weddings from JB Event Facilities

We have been supplying luxury toilet hire to weddings and events for over 20 years, so a booking with us will give you the confidence that your guests will have the best facilities available to them. From delivery and installation to emptying, servicing and removal of the units, we will do it all while our fabulous staff supports you throughout the entire process. To find out more, call us on 01280 851200 or send us an email to info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk