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Why only a luxury honey wagon will do

At JB Event Facilities, we work with top TV and film studios to supply the best honey wagon facilities to the industry. Here we explain why only a luxury honey wagon will do.

The success of any location film shoot rests squarely with the location manager who has to coordinate many things to ensure that all involved are happy and well provided for. Whether filming will last a couple of days or a couple of months, an infrastructure must be put into place as quickly as possible, and this includes all facilities for personal hygiene and well-being.

The importance of honey wagon hire to the TV and film industry

  • On a busy shoot, there can by hundreds of people, from performers to behind the scenes staff who will need access to the toilet. Where the local community has existing facilities, these may become overwhelmed with the influx of personnel and portable honey wagons will help to avoid this.
  • Similarly, where filming is taking place in a public location, honey wagon hire will give cast and crew their own dedicated facilities leaving other permanent facilities at the disposal of the public.
  • From a location perspective, having a honey wagon on set means that no location has to be ruled out, however remote, regardless of permanent facilities or a lack of them.
  • Following on from the above point, even the most poorly serviced and remote location can be considered. At JB Event Facilities, our honey wagons have their own water supply and, in the absence of mains electricity, we can arrange generator hire.
  • Honey wagon hire enables HSE compliance, while taking care of the physical and emotional well-being of all involved. Accessible honey wagons allow location managers to provide an inclusive workplace, in accordance with the Social Model of Disability which reads ‘people are not disabled because their bodies aren’t ‘normal’, but because of barriers in society.

Why only a luxury honey wagon will do

Our single event toilet units satisfy a basic level of essential welfare needs but don’t your performers, MUAs, technicians and engineers deserve more? The quality of the facilities provided reflect the esteem and regard you have for your entire team at the same time as reflecting the calibre of the users. VIP performers deserve VIP luxury toilet hire, and location managers deserve a wide range of units to choose from.

Features of a luxury honey wagon

Our luxury honey wagons feature spacious and well-equipped interiors, with heaters in all but our smallest unit. Recessed lighting, flushing ceramic toilets and ceramic basins with hot and cold running water are accompanied by luxury consumables, well-lit mirrors and wood-effect flooring for a sense of permanence. Our blog post Features of a luxury toilet trailer goes into more detail about our executive toilets for hire.

Honey wagon hire from JB Event Facilities

At JB Event Facilities, our luxury toilets for hire offer the TV and film industry the perfect amount of luxury and glamour to make every user feel like a star. Our experience in supplying honey wagons to the Pinewood and Elstree Studios means we understand what TV and film productions require and why only a luxury honey wagon will do. For more details and for any enquiries, please email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or call our team on 01280 851200.