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5 top reasons to hire portable toilets for your next outdoor event

Whether your event is expecting 100 visitors or tens of thousands, luxury toilet hire for outdoor events is essential for several reasons. Here are our top 5!

By their very nature, outdoor public events will attract larger visitor numbers than indoor events, and many venues may not have access to permanent toilet facilities (think musical festivals), so event organisers need to ensure visitors have sufficient amenities of an appropriate standard. But why else should you consider luxury toilet hire?

1 It is mandatory to provide toilets at events

Perhaps the top reason for providing toilet facilities at outdoor events is that it is mandatory. The Purple Guide, previously published by the HSE contains the guidelines for Health, Safety & Welfare at Music and Other Events and sets out recommended toilet facilities should be provided as follows:


Male toilets

Female toilets

Events of 6 hours or less

1 toilet per 500 guests and 1 urinal per 150 guests

1 toilet per 100 guests

Events of 6 or more hours with little or no alcohol and food

1 toilet per 425 guests and 1 urinal per 125 guests

1 toilet per 85 guests

Events of 6 hours or more with food and drink

1 toilet per 400 guests and 1 urinal per 100 guests

1 toilet per 75 guests


2 Luxury toilet hire contributes to a VIP experience for guests

Event organisers should prioritise the comfort and wellbeing of visitors and by providing luxury toilets, guest will have an enhanced experience and feel valued. Our article Why luxury portable toilets are better for your guests will tell you more.

3 Luxury toilet hire is cost effective

When the alternative is to build permanent toilet facilities, portable toilet hire is a cost effective solution, particularly for a temporary event that may only last a few days. It allows facilities to be put into place at the fraction of the cost of a build and surrounding areas can be returned to their original state after the event.

4 Portable toilet units are family-friendly

With more and more outdoor events now being attended by families, it is reassuring for them to know that there will be toilet and wash facilities available. Parents can relax knowing that little ones needing the toilet can go in comfort and this in turn can encourage more visitors.

5 Luxury disabled toilet hire ensures accessibility and compliance

To ensure complete accessibility and inclusion for all, luxury accessible toilet units are available to hire. Our units are perfect for wheelchair users as well as families with pushchairs and prams as they feature a baby changing station.

Event toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

Based in Northamptonshire, JB Event Facilities is a family run business with over 20 years’ experience in the event industry. Supplying event toilet hire in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, we will take the stress out of the delivery, installation and maintenance of all our toilets. Once you have placed an order, we will do everything else, including working with your event staff to complete all necessary, required paperwork. All our customers have 24-hour telephone access to our team of skilled technicians and we can arrange to empty and replenish the toilets with consumables during the event.

To find out more please send us an email to info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or call us on 01280 851200 today.