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Do portable toilets smell?

Go to any outdoor event, from a music festival to a road race, to a rugby match and you will see portable toilets. But, are they as bad as their reputation for cleanliness? We look at whether portable toilets really do smell.

Few people question the benefits of luxury portable toilets for your event, after all they ensure the comfort of guests and staff alike, while helping organisers to comply with health and safety guidelines. Yet many still believe that portable toilets are unhygienic and unsanitary. At JB Event Facilities, we believe the quality and condition of our standard portable toilets and our luxury toilet units at the start of a hire period, reflect on us. We also understand how vital it is for hygiene standards to be maintained across the entire hire period and here, we highlight what we do to keep a portable toilet from smelling. 

How we clean our portable toilets

At the end of a hire period, when our units come back to us, the holding tank is emptied and pumped dry, by one of our own in-house vacuum pump trucks. We hold an upper tier licence for waste carriage and we are registered with the Environment Agency; this enables us to dispose of waste appropriately at authorised sites. Once this has been done, we start the cleaning process.

Steam cleaning our toilet units

Using high powered steam to clean our toilets is the best way to remove dirt, germs and odours quickly and effectively, without the use of chemicals; the high temperature of the steam breaks down the dirt and bacteria leaving our units clean and fresh. Chemicals will also linger in the air, allowing them to be ingested and of course they are harmful to the environment. Steam cleaning is fast, powerful and effective.

After being steam cleaned, and prior to being delivered to the next site, our portable toilets are deodorised and restocked with all consumables. In this way, our toilets do not smell when we deliver them to your event.

How do I stop my portable toilet from smelling?

Not only do we guarantee the condition of our units at delivery but we can also help you to maintain them throughout the hire period. For events lasting several days, and for long term hire contracts, we can send our own service tankers to your site. Units will be emptied, sumps refilled and supplies of consumables replenished. For high volume public events, we can also arrange an attendant service for your portable toilets. Our professional staff will maintain the interior of your units, making sure the toilets never smell and ensuring that guests have a constant supply of luxury, eco-friendly consumables. Our portable toilet cleaning service is available to all our customers, regardless of length of hire, and our staff are dedicated professionals who take pride in our high standards.

Portable toilet hire from JB Event Facilities Ltd.

If you would like to discuss portable toilet hire for your next event, please give our friendly sales team a call on 01280 851200. Alternatively, for a no obligation quote, send us an email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk