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Event toilet hire – everything you need to know

Our latest guide has everything you need to choose the right portable toilets for your event, and tells you how to hire them.

As an event organiser, you understand the benefits of luxury portable toilet hire for your event and for your guests or attendees. But it may still baffle you as to what is available out there and what you need to take into account before deciding – to help you navigate your way through this potential minefield, simply read on!

In order to choose the perfect portable toilet units for your event, consider the following, which will help you decide how many you need, and what type.

What kind of event are you organising?

If you are organising a formal event such as a conference or a wedding, you will need luxury portable toilet units, to reflect the calibre of your guests, rather than a single use, standard plastic toilet that we are used to seeing on construction sites. However, where you are organising a high footfall event, we can offer a 4+2 event toilet unit ideal for managing high volumes of users.

Will your event serve refreshments?

Fairly obviously, at events where refreshments are being served, the toilet facilities are going to be in high demand. Consider when the food and drink will be served – will it be available all day long, for example at a country fair where there are artisan food and drink stalls, or at certain times only such as a wedding breakfast or evening buffet?

How long will your event last?

All our individual toilet unit descriptions give an indication of how many users they will accommodate, based on an 8-hour period. For longer events, multiple units may be necessary, or combinations of units. A popular combination is a luxury portable urinal used alongside other luxury toilet trailers; this is a great way to reduce a build up of male traffic and will free up the cubicles for female guests.  

Ensuring your event is accessible

In addition to your event venue being accessible to all, your event facilities must also be accessible, so that no disabled guest or attendee is discriminated against in connection with the provision of facilities. We offer several portable toilet solutions, to ensure compliance and complete accessibility. Our guide to the law and regulations around disabled toilet hire has lots of useful information to help. 

Types of luxury toilet trailers

At JB Event Facilities, we are able to offer our customers a choice of luxury toilet trailers. These include our traditional luxury toilets with all the features our customers are familiar with – recessed lighting, flushable toilets, running water, well-lit mirrors, and a high end luxury finish with indulgent consumables – as well as a range of innovative vacuum portable toilet pods. Additionally, our vacuum toilets are perfect for high footfall events requiring a steady flow of traffic and their eco credentials make them attractive to organisers mindful of the carbon footprint of their event. For organisers who are still not decided, our article Traditional portable toilets Vs portable vacuum toilets: a comparison and guide will help.

Whether you are an experienced event planner or not, it will always pay dividends to choose a reliable company such as JB Event Facilities. With experience in the timely and efficient installation and removal of all units, you will experience the minimum of disturbance with our professional team of technicians. All our customers have access to a 24-hour emergency helpline and we are licensed waste carriers which enables us to empty all units on site and remove waste for ethical disposal.

For anything not covered in our FAQs or the questions to ask about luxury portable toilet hire, our friendly sales team is available to answer your queries and discuss our simple and straightforward hire process. Simply call us today on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk