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How do portable vacuum toilets work?

Using innovative technology, the vacuum toilet pod is the most environmentally friendly member of the portable toilet family. Here, we take a look at how it works and why it’s so popular with event organisers.

How do flushing portable toilets work?

Similar to a plumbed-in toilet, a traditional portable toilet employs a flushing system to remove waste. Unlike a plumbed-in toilet where waste is carried away to a treatment plant, the waste from a portable toilet is contained within a holding tank, beneath the toilet seat. Chemicals within the tank work on the waste to break it down, to kill germs, and to eliminate bad smells. The water for flushing the toilet comes from a water tank within the toilet unit, removing the need for a mains water supply. The waste has to be emptied from the holding tank at regular intervals, during which time the units are out of service.

How do vacuum toilet pods work?

Where a flushing toilet washes waste away with water and sucks it away with a syphon effect, a vacuum toilet sucks the waste away with low air pressure, instead of water. A sliding valve in the toilet bowl seals it off and when the toilet is flushed a reduced amount of water will rinse and partly fill the bowl. A hidden tank has air pumped out of it to create a vacuum and when the valve in the toilet bowl opens, the difference in air pressure between the cubicle and the tank sucks the waste away into the tank, and the valve closes. The waste from the tank is then transferred by air entering it, into a larger holding tank.

The benefits of vacuum toilets to the events industry

Reduced water consumption – the average vacuum toilet uses just 0.5 litres of water per flush compared to 6-9 litres with a traditional toilet, a saving of up to 90%.

Chemical free – vacuum toilet pods are 100% chemical-free, as the addition of chemicals to the water used for flushing in a traditional toilet to maintain hygiene levels, is unnecessary.

No downtime – the waste holding tanks can be emptied in up to 3 minutes, which means the toilets do not have to be closed down during maintenance, and can remain in service.

Reduced carbon footprint for suppliers – as suppliers of portable toilets, we are able to transport more vacuum toilet units per load than traditional units. This reduces the number of journeys required for delivery, lowering both our emissions and fuel costs.

Efficient -  the vacuum system removes the need for the toilets to have macerators, which mechanically break down the waste to allow it to pass through the system more easily. The absence of a macerator removes the risk from blockages, making the vacuum toilets highly efficient.

Vacuum toilets from JB Event Facilities

As part of our range of luxury portable toilets for hire, we offer three vacuum toilet pod options.

Luxury vacuum male toilet pod

This all-male pod features 2 individual cubicles with ceramic toilets and 6 urinals. There is a vanity area with a ceramic hand basin with hot and cold running water, luxury hand soap and lotion, and an electric hand dryer. The unit requires a 16amp 240v power supply.

Luxury vacuum female toilet pod

Each female vacuum pod has 4 individual cubicles with ceramic toilets. A well-equipped vanity area features well-lit mirrors, ceramic basins with hot and cold water, indulgent hand soap and lotion, plus an electric hand dryer. The unit requires a 16amp 240v power supply.

Luxury vacuum urinal pod

Ideal for large crowd events, or events with a high proportion of male attendees, the vacuum urinal pod is an efficient queue buster! Fitted with 12 ceramic urinals, the pod also has a number of hand sanitiser dispensers. The unit requires a 16amp 240v power supply.

For more information about how our portable vacuum toilets can add value to your next public event, please call on 01280 851200 or email us at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk