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Location filming and portable toilet hire

A location shoot can involve hundreds of people so providing sufficient, quality welfare and toilet facilities is vital.

We Are UK Film estimated the revenue from the UK TV and film industry at over £2 billion, with the potential for further growth. In order to realise this growth, and continue to provide work for hundreds of people, while attracting even more interest from overseas, the industry must strive to ensure the welfare facilities available to performers and behind the scenes crew, are second to none.

The benefits of portable toilet hire for location filming

  • From the wilds of Northumberland to the Cornish coast, some of our favourite productions have been filmed in remote locations. Imagine then, what would have happened if location managers were unable to choose their preferred location because of a lack of facilities. With portable toilet hire, no location ever has to be ruled out!
  • Portable toilet hire can be used to supplement existing facilities where these are insufficient for the needs of the crew. This reduces the need for unnecessary travel to and from facilities further away, where time away from set can have cost implications.
  • Where there are toilet facilities on location that are at the disposal of others, for example in public spaces, an influx of cast and crew risks overwhelming existing facilities. Portable toilet hire relieves the pressure on local communities and toilet units can be open round the clock where permanent facilities may be shut overnight.
  • With units featuring an integral water supply, there is no need for access to a mains supply and, while units require a mains electricity supply, we can arrange for generator hire. This means that even the most remote locations can be used.

Luxury portable toilet trailers from JB Event Facilities

About JB Event Facilities

For over 20 years, JB Event Facilities have been suppliers of portable toilets to the Pinewood and Elstree studios. We understand the events industry and know that it doesn’t operate within usual office hours! With this in mind, we can deliver your units, with the same level of service, outside conventional hours of business and at relatively short notice.

We will work collaboratively with location managers to ensure the perfect combination of trailers is delivered, and we can also arrange an attendant service so that permanent staff can be deployed elsewhere.

To find out more about portable toilet hire for your next location shoot, give our friendly sales team a call on 01280 851200 for an informal chat or send us an email using our contact form, for a no-obligation quote.