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What is a vacuum toilet?

A relative newcomer in the portable toilet stable, the vacuum toilet is a game changer in toilet hire for events. Here, we tell you why!

What is a portable vacuum toilet?

A vacuum toilet is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional portable toilets for hire and, at JB Event Facilities, they form part of our range of luxury toilets for hire.

How do vacuum flush toilets work?

Where a traditional portable toilet uses a flushing system to remove waste in the pan to a holding tank where it is broken down by chemicals, vacuum toilets employ a suction method. Vacuum toilets use low air pressure instead of water, similar to the toilets in aircraft, and this removes the waste by means of suction to a waste tank.

The difference between vacuum toilets and flushing toilets

In addition to the way that waste is disposed of in a vacuum toilet, there are other differences between them and their flushing counterparts.

  • Vacuum toilets use much less water than a flushing toilet, reducing the amount of water used for each ‘flush’ by up to 90%. A flushing toilet uses approximately 6-9 litres of water per flush, compared to just half a litre for a vacuum toilet.
  • Vacuum toilets use no chemicals. In a flushing toilet, chemicals are added to the recycled waste water that is used for the flush, to maintain hygiene levels. The vacuum system removes the need for this, rendering the vacuum toilets 100% chemical-free.
  • Portable vacuum toilets don’t have to shut down to be emptied. Waste is pumped straight into the mains water or a waste tank, and as this takes just a few minutes, the toilets can stay in service throughout. By comparison, flushing toilets have to be out of service to be emptied.

The environmental benefits of vacuum toilets for event organisers

In addition to being chemical-free and water-saving (see above), vacuum toilets offer many benefits to event organisers.

  • The cycle of a vacuum toilet is much shorter than that of a flushing toilet, allowing the toilets to be vacated more quickly. This means more people are able to use the toilets enabling a steady flow of traffic through them, with minimum delays. In this way, queueing time is greatly reduced at high footfall events.
  • Vacuum toilets reduce the spread of bacteria between users as the vacuum creates less splash-back from the toilet bowl.
  • Vacuum toilets are a highly efficient system – the constant vacuum removes the need for a macerator. This leads to fewer incidents of blockages so that organisers are less likely to require technical support.

What occasions is a vacuum toilet suitable for?

Offering the same quality finish as our flushing luxury toilet trailers, vacuum toilet units feature ceramic basins with running hot and cold water, indulgent consumables and electric hand dryers, making them the perfect luxury event toilets for offering users a VIP experience. Ideal for organisers of ethical events, where environmental credentials are important, vacuum toilets are a great solution at high footfall events such as sporting fixtures and music festivals. Attendees will not lose valuable spectator time queueing for the facilities and will not have to endure facilities being closed for servicing.

Portable vacuum toilets from J B Event Facilities

Portable toilet pods are available in a variety of sizes and at JB Event Facilities we offer a choice of all-male pods which comprise 2 cubicles and 6 urinals, all-female pods with 4 toilet cubicles, a urinal pod with 12 urinals, and an accessible vacuum pod. To find out more about vacuum toilets for your next event, email our friendly sales team at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or give us a call on 01280 851200.