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Why outdoor events need portable toilets

Outdoor events experience much higher volumes of traffic than indoor events so organisers need to ensure they provide toilet facilities but are there other reasons to provide toilets at outdoor events?

We’ve all heard dreadful stories about portable toilets at outdoor events – ugly, unhygienic and smelly – but whilever public events need portable toilet facilities, it is important that organisers choose the right ones.

The benefits of portable toilets for outdoor events

Unless you want your outdoor venue to become an open air toilet, guests will need somewhere to ‘go’. Portable toilets ensure the venue remains unspoiled (equally important in town or city locations and rural settings).

Where portable toilets are available, attendees will feel that the event organisers care about their wellbeing, and they are much more likely to visit again, and recommend others.

Often organisers find themselves having to rule out a venue due to lack of permanent facilities. Portable toilet hire means that no venue has to be ruled out on those grounds again.

The provision of portable disabled toilet hire will ensure an event complies with The Disability Act of 2010 which requires organisers to provide disabled guests the same quality of facility as non-disabled guests.

Queues can be kept to a minimum where sufficient toilets are provided – a huge selling point where guests do not want to miss a favourite song or the next race because they are in a long line for the loo!

The choice of portable toilet available for outdoor events is wide and organisers can cater for every need.

Standard portable toilet hire

At JB Event Facilities, our standard single event toilets are single-toilet units that are equipped with hand sanitiser and a foot-operated flush system. Meeting all health and safety requirements, and clean and hygienic, these portable toilets are quick and easy to install in larger numbers. Perfect for audiences and spectators at large-scale, high footfall events such as sporting fixtures and music festivals.

Our standard range also includes accessible toilets with baby changer, and a 6-man urinal ideal for events where refreshments are served and there is a higher proportion of male guests to female.

Luxury toilet hire for outdoor events

While standard portable toilet units are functional and great for budget-conscious organisers, they can lack the comfort and aesthetic appeal of our luxury toilets for hire. Available in a variety of sizes and combinations, to cater from up to 100 guests to in excess of 450, luxury toilet units can be provided for performers and are popular additions to VIP areas at venues. They also satisfy the increasingly high expectations of festival goers and event attendees, featuring high-end interiors, indulgent consumables and spacious vanity areas to make users feel comfortable and well looked after.  

Traditional luxury toilet hire

Our traditional flushing toilets are available in a range of sizes from our smallest unit, the Luxury 1+1 Toilet which caters for up to 100 people and is a great complement to existing permanent venue facilities, to our Luxury 4+2 Toilet Unit, the largest on the market. The luxury 4+2 is perfect for large events and will cater for 450 people over an 8-hour period.

Luxury vacuum toilet hire

In addition to our luxury flushing toilet trailers, we also offer luxury vacuum portable toilet pods for hire. The ideal solution where a steady flow of traffic through facilities needs to be maintained, vacuum pods work well at large scale festivals and sporting fixtures. With very little downtime necessary when emptying the toilets, and with their water consumption being up to 90% less than a flushing toilet, these vacuum pods are available as male vacuum pods, female vacuum pods and as a vacuum urinal pod.  Our guide to the differences between traditional portable toilets Vs portable vacuum toilets is a must-read.

Portable toilets from JB Event Facilities

If you are part of an events team organising a music concert or a horse racing fixture or any other large-scale outdoor public event, and would like to discuss portable toilet hire or luxury toilet hire, our experienced and friendly sales team can discuss all your options and help you find the right solution for your event. Simply call us on 01280 851200 or send us an email to info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk to find out more.