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Common misconceptions about portable toilets

So many preconceptions about the portable toilet industry abound so in our latest guide, we take a look at the most common and show why they are not true in today’s industry.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about portable toilets, whether they have used one themselves or just heard horror stories from friends. The following are just a few of the misconceptions you might have heard.

Portable toilet damage the environment

Renowned for using too much water and too many chemicals, and for leaving a huge carbon footprint, portable toilets are the complete opposite! Luxury toilet trailers use far less water than a domestic toilet and a vacuum toilet pod uses between 80-90% less than a flushing portable toilet. Add to this the fact that they require no additives to maintain the hygiene levels of the water and you can see that vacuum toilet pods are 100% chemical-free.

Portable toilet hire is unsafe

Over the years, concern has been voiced about where the waste from portable toilets goes, with people concerned that pollutants may be allowed to penetrate surrounding land. Modern portable toilets for hire are completely self contained and have their own integral holding tank. Emptying and disposal of liquid waste is stringently controlled by The Environment Agency and only licenced operators are authorised to transport waste to specialist centres.

Portable toilets smell

The idea of the building site, single use plastic portable toilet conjures up visions of awful odours and unhygienic conditions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At JB Event Facilities, when asked ‘Do portable toilets smell?’, we are happy to say no! All our luxury toilet units and standard portable toilets are delivered in immaculate condition, having been thoroughly steam cleaned and deodorised. At the end of a hire period, they are emptied and pumped dry by our in-house fleet of vacuum pump trucks before being prepped for their next role.

Portable toilets are ugly

If you are only familiar with row upon row of plastic boxes on building sites or in the middle of a field at music festivals, than you could be forgiven for thinking like that. Today’s range of luxury toilets for hire includes smart, blue single cubicle units and modern luxury toilet trailers with luxurious, high end interiors.

Portable toilet units are small

This is simply untrue! Even our smallest single event toilet unit has a generously sized interior measuring 1.16m in width, spacious enough for a toilet, a foot-operated basin, soap dispensers, hand towels and mirror. And when we turn our attention to our luxury toilets for hire, you can see that they range in size from our compact yet deceptively spacious luxury 1+1 toilet which will cater for up to 100 people, to our luxury 3+1 toilet suitable for up to 300 people and featuring 3 ladies' toilets, 1 men's toilet and 3 urinals, right through to the luxury 4+2 toilet, the largest unit on the market.

Portable toilets are only for building sites and festivals

Of course we supply portable toilets to the construction industry and to music festivals too, but we also supply our portable toilets to a wide variety of events and occasions, including corporate and sporting events, as well as weddings and film locations.

Portable toilet hire from JB Event Facilities

Based in Northamptonshire, we supply to a range of location throughout the UK, from Leicestershire to Gloucestershire. Our friendly sales team are available to answer your question about any aspect of toilet hire and can be contacted by email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or by phone on 01280 851200.