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Are portable hire toilets clean?

We’ve all been reluctant to use a portable toilet at some event or another because of their reputation for being unhygienic and smelly. But are they clean and safe to use? Our latest guide has all the answers.

Luxury toilet hire has many benefits for events, wedding toilet hire is invaluable and standard toilets are a regular sight on construction sites and at music festivals, but are they clean and should we be happy to use them? Most would probably reply with ‘no’ to both these questions but at JB Event Facilities, we have absolute confidence in the cleanliness and hygiene levels of all our portable toilet units, from our standard toilet units to our luxury toilet trailers.

At the end of a hire, prior to the next hire, our portable toilets are returned to our depot, where they are emptied and pumped dry by our own in-house fleet of waste tankers and pump trucks. As registered waste carriers with The Environment Agency, we then remove the waste to authorised sites for ethical disposal.

How we empty portable toilets and where the waste goes

Our vacuum pump trucks have a tank with a high pressure pump. The high pressure pump is attached to the holding tank of the portable toilet, where the waste from portable toilets go, and the waste is transferred from one to the other. Find out more in Service tankers and what they’re used for.

How are portable toilets cleaned?

After being emptied, all our units are thoroughly steam cleaned. The extreme heat involved in the steam cleaning process ensures that all odours, dirt and bacteria are broken down without the need to use chemicals.

Before being hired out next time, the toilets are deodorised and they are delivered in a clean and sanitary condition, fully stocked with all necessary consumables.

All our hire customers can be safe in the knowledge that they will receive units in pristine condition, but we are often asked how the units can be maintained throughout a long term hire and when they should be emptied.

How often to empty a portable toilet

The frequency of emptying a portable toilet unit depends on how much they are used and by how many people. How often does a portable toilet need to be emptied? goes into greater detail but when you hire form JB Event Facilities, we can arrange to empty, clean and replenish units to suit your individual requirements.

Will my portable toilet units start to smell?

Having our own fleet of vacuum pump trucks enables us to come to your site to empty toilet units as necessary (see above), and where high volume public events will last over several days, we can arrange for a manned service tanker to be present throughout the event to ensure the units can be serviced at any time and it also removes the need to have tankers entering the site during your event. We can also provide an attendant service where professional staff can be present to maintain the interiors of the units, preventing smells and bad odours from developing.

Luxury toilet hire and tanker services from JB Event Facilities

To discuss portable toilet hire, luxury toilet hire or any aspect of our waste tanker services, please contact our friendly sales team by email at info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk or by phone on 01280 851200.