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Urinal hire in the event industry

When researching event toilet hire, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of portable urinal hire. Here, we examine the types of units available and their benefit to your event.

At JB Event Facilities, we understand how to ensure your event runs smoothly and portable urinal hire can go a long way towards achieving this. But which events benefit from portable urinals?

Events for portable urinals

Wherever you have a large scale, outdoor event that has a high proportion of male attendees, portable urinals offer many benefits. We supply units to major sporting events, outdoor music festivals and county shows, and our experience has shown that urinals make perfect financial sense particularly where any high footfall event has refreshments freely available.

How portable urinal hire benefits your event

Where male attendees can access a urinal, it leaves cubicles available for females and others needing them. This can impact positively on how many portables toilets you need.

A portable urinal allows a free flow of users to pass through, reducing the queues for cubicles, which allows attendees to get back to the main event quickly.

Where urinals reduce the number of cubicles required, this will represent a financial saving for event organisers.

At events on large sites, permanent facilities (where there are any) may be sparsely located, meaning guests could have a long walk to find any. In turn this delays their return to their spot. Portable urinals require no mains water allowing them to be positioned anywhere on flat ground.

For organisers mindful of the environmental credentials of their event, portable urinals are available in a water-saving option.

If you are worried about turning your event into a building site with row upon row of plastic toilets, fear not! Our self-contained luxury urinal units will not be a blot on the landscape, instead blending discreetly into their surroundings.

Features of portable urinals

Luxury portable urinals – the luxury portable urinal is perfect for large events and is a great complement to our luxury 3+1 toilet unit, the luxury 4+2 toilet unit and 4+2 event toilet unit. Featuring a 1500 litre waste tank capable of handling heavy usage of up to 500 people over an 8-hour period, the unit offers a luxury interior. The unit comprises porcelain urinals (14 for adults plus two for children), non-slip flooring, hand sanitiser and strip lighting (this will require connection to a standard 13 amp utilities supply).

Vacuum urinals – at heavy footfall events where it is important to keep queues to a minimum, the vacuum urinal pod is ideal. Having supplied these to the Silverstone F1 event, we are confident they are a great addition and of great benefit to large scale events. Representing an environmentally-friendly option for the event organiser, the vacuum urinals are 100% chemical-free and use up to 90% less water than a conventional urinal. With 12 porcelain urinals and hand sanitiser points, the pod requires a 16 amp 240v power supply. For more information about all our vacuum toilets, read The benefits of luxury vacuum toilet pods for large scale events.

6 man urinal – where large numbers of urinals are needed, or where budget is a consideration, the 6 man urinal offers a great solution. Able to accommodate 6 users at once, the units have level access entry and can be installed in groups anywhere needed as no electricity or water is required.

Event toilets for hire from JB Event Facilities

If you need to hire toilets for your events, always choose a trusted supplier that comes highly recommended and that can provide customer testimonials. We have supplied portable toilet hire to every type of public and corporate event and our experienced team will work with yours to ensure your event is a success. To find out more or to discuss your requirements, please call the team on 01280 851200 or send us an email to info@jbeventfacilities.co.uk